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Synonyms for plait

a hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair

any of various types of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and then pressing or stitching into shape

make by braiding or interlacing


weave into plaits

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'I made strings from black plastics bags and plaited twist on my model's hair.
The name refers to them being made originally by the community's spinsters, all sitting round a large pot of sizzling oil, chatting away as they merrily plaited their strips of dough.
The dough is based loosely on my recipe for Challah - a plaited loaf of Jewish origin and a particular favourite of mine.
Loop sections over and under the middle section of hair until you have plaited it as far as you can go.
Jewellery containing the plaited hair of the deceased dates from the mid-17th century but is found more readily today dating from the 19th century.
Lee said: "From mussed-up Heidi hair, fishtail braids, corn row-styled plaits at the hair line, loosely swept-from-the-face hair can also be plaited to create a chic style that is perfect for all ages.
Once I've been to declare the horses, I tend to stay with them and, if they keep still, I can get them plaited in under an hour.
Step 3: Take one plaited strand from the right side to the left, pinning it with bobby pins.
One would be having her hair plaited while the other would be plaiting someone else's, this chain could go on to include several women all plaiting at the same time.
SPORTING a new plaited hairdo and mirror shades David Beckham and wife Victoria arrive for lunch with the Riviera "mafia".
Her latest hairstyle took 2 hours but will last for nearly two weeks and Corey Smith (left), aged 16, has his hair plaited into cane rows.
It is made of steel strips plaited into a grid which, when wound around circular riser sections, distorts and echoes the geometric distortions of the black and white marble floor of the great hall.
Personally, this sheds light on the hours I spent as a child fidgeting anxiously between my momma's, grandma's or aunt's knees while they parted, greased and plaited my hair.