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(United Kingdom) a written statement of the grounds of complaint made to court of law asking for the grievance to be redressed

a cry of sorrow and grief

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| KUWAIT, May 1 (KUNA) -- The Complaints Committee at the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) accepted a plaint made by Wataniya Airways and revoked a decision previously made by CMA to write the commercial airlines' shares off of the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE).
That adversary corn plaint, filed in April 2010, was in place when the SEC sought to freeze the church's assets, alleging that the defendants transferred $669,000 in assets to the church over the years, even though the money was supposed to go to specific investments.
Similarly, another case was registered on the plaint of Muhammad Iqbal of Laksian who sold sugar cane worth Rs.
Blocked printers, unproductive meetings and the increasing use of jargon were the leading causes for coms plaint, with poor technology also irritating staff.
"Don't you need me any more?" she asks in "Once More, for the Dollhouse," a spare banjo seconding her stark plaint, while on "Sugar and Spice" she announces, "I've done myself in." Elsewhere, "If It Rains" combines a sleepy groove and gospel-style backing singers to echo sultry '60s soul.
27, 1976, son of the late Gary Plaint, and graduated from Grafton High School.
In the face of the horrors in the Mideast, my plaint can sound like queer-quibbling, even to me.
This isn't just some woolly-eyed liberal plaint. It's a ground-level, real-world problem.
The bankruptcy estate's primary goal is to reach a negotiated settlement, but it has threatened to submit the related plaint to the Helsinki District Court.
2 toymaker Hasbro, exactly Mattel's plaint when it walked away from a long-term Disney deal two years ago.
Ever the pain in the buttocks, the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America trotted out the worn-out plaint about direct shipments leading to a state's inability to collect taxes and increased sales to minors.
All of the directors have the same plaint: Where is the money to come from to keep their companies alive?
And Del Junco's plaint seems to offer no hope of resolution short of wholesale firings of blacks and replacement by Latinos.
whoever has not himself seen and lived through such circumstances cannot believe what I note here."(1) This plaint by Lorenz Ludolf, the pastor of the village of Reichensachsen in the principality of Hesse-Kassel, is one of thousands of expressions of misery and despair prompted by the depredations of the Thirty Years War produced in localities throughout Germany.