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a liturgical chant of the Roman Catholic Church

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funeral plainsong from a younger woman to an older woman," in The
Historically Compline has two parts and as we later examine plainsong and its function I will say more about those parts.
Tensions between Germany and France were high following the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-71, and these tensions extended to plainsong and those who published plainsong.
She added calligraphy had a global outreach as it not only inspired Muslims, but all art lovers who termed it as 'the plainsong of the divine'.
In it, he returns to fictional, small-town holt, Colorado, the setting for his award-winning novels Plainsong (1999), Eventide (2004), and Benediction (*** SELECTION May/June 2013).
To accompany the visual impact of the window, which takes on a kaleidoscopic pattern, Crowe and Rawlinson have created a plainsong or chant based on 1898 publication The Coal Catechism by William Jasper Nicolls.
This wonderful Marian hymn, written early in the nineteenth century around the time of Catholic Emancipation by priest and historian John Lingard, was originally a plainsong vespers hymn.
"Plainsong,'' the opening number on The Cure's seminal album, "Disintegration,'' rolls along slowly like fog.
Cappella Novocastriensis's programme includes plainsong, settings of the Nunc Dimittis and works by composers from William Byrd and Thomas Tallis in the 16th century to Charles Wood and Eric Whitacre in the 20th.
Formed two years ago by former Episcopalians, attendees at Newman Fellowship celebrate weekly communion, recite ancient liturgy, draw on the rich treasury of hymnody ranging from ancient to modern times, and sing Psalms to the plainsong tones and to Anglican chant.
As Christmas approaches, the sale of records of Carthusian monks singing plainsong increases.
Healey Willan's harmonization of a plainsong (a type of chant) has been carried over from the 1918 revision with new words.
"We've got gorgeous atmospheric medieval plainsong, your old favourite traditional carols and some classic 20th century pop tunes."
"It seems that people who are experts in plainsong don't look at Beethoven sketches very much and people who are experts in Beethoven sketches don't look at plainsong very much.
plainsong. This is perhaps the weakest section of the book and, ironically, reads as theology gathered together to back-up an aesthetic judgement made by Nichols on what is fitting music for the liturgy.