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a liturgical chant of the Roman Catholic Church

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The illustrating artist uses the words of the plainchants associated with the subjects of the prayers as inspiration for the illuminations.
Plainchant frames the investigation, beginning with a versified plainchant Office for St.
Their fusion highlighted a kinship between the Eastern and the Western worlds in whose musical traditions the plainchant mightily exists.
Henri du Mont's (1610-1684) five plainchant Masses, known as the Messes Royales, survived up to the 1950s.
Advent is also the beginning of the liturgical year and it's interesting that it served as the beginning for the creators of the plainchant of the Proprium, as shown by the research carried out by the American musicologist James McKinnon.
Labels have been removed from the walls (and relocated to a 'church plan' on a table, as one might find in a church today), two long benches add to the church atmosphere, and the whole is enhanced by a soundtrack of organ music, plainchant and noises of people coming and going, giving the impression that one is in a much larger space.
It is clear the author does not side with the late nineteenth-century Cecilian movement that sought to return Catholic Church music to plainchant, Renaissance polyphony, and modern compositions modeled on these.
Works previously heavily dependent on Latin text and plainchant, were being abandoned or radically challenged.
James parishioner, Elizabeth Lang, used to give up meat for fish during Lent, but stopped when she realized that fish was more of a luxury in contemporary Canada than steak "Now I attend the annual Lenten lecture series and enjoy the beautiful simpler music of the season, such as plainchant," she says.
The Bangor Pontifical is a 14th Century bishop''s manuscript, containing blessings and text of plainchant.
He is also the editor of the first two volumes, which deal with theories concerning the origins and transmission of Western plainchant.
The audience members--architectural historians, musicologists, and acousticians, but also singers--experienced a variety of choral performances in plainchant, polyphony, and the spoken voice, as well as instrumental performance of organs.
org) charcoal pit toparchical (W2) China plant plainchant Chinese tag escheating clearstone tolerances coarse coin occasioner, reoccasion (W2) come-a-Christian iatromechanics (OED), Neocharismatic (a reference to Christians who have received Pentecostal-like experiences; www.
The Monteverdi Plainchant Consort, early-music group QuintEssential and the ES0 String Consort were also among the ensembles brought together under the baton of Paul Leddington Wright.
In it, he offers a monophonic plainchant score, based on contemporary Saturn Use, for each of the songs in the play that seem to call for plainchant performance, as well as scores for three polyphonic songs, two by known fifteenth-century composers and a third anonymous.