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a basic style of weave in which the weft and warp threads intertwine alternately to produce a checkerboard effect

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For example, the plain weave, which is formed by a simple pattern of one thread over, one thread under, is a stable weave because each thread is held in place securely.
A- Basis and B - Basis Design Allowables for Epoxy - Based Prepreg TORAY T700SC-12K-50C/#2510 Plain Weave Fabric.
The balanced plain weave glass/epoxy material data come from Lomov.
The SE values of the plain weave fabric (S1, S2, S3), the twill weave fabric (S4, S5, S6), and the satin weave fabric (S7, S8, S9) are within different levels.
i] = 5%) within specimens of stretched plain weave P, twill weave T, and combined twill weave CT (Table 2).
Weave a square base in plain weave (over, under, over, under), using eight weavers in both directions.
Harding and Li (4) and Harding and Dong (5) used double-lap specimens made of plain weave carbon/epoxy and plain weave glass/epoxy composites.
Characteristics of Fabric Test Samples Yarn Count Fabric Colour Fabric Designation Weave Type Warp Filling Cream sheer Plain weave 74 74 White (1) IL Plain weave 40 40 White (2) IIL Plain weave 76 129 White (3) IIIL Dobby weave 60 60 Green IIM Plain weave 78 116 Blue IIIM Plain weave 40 88 Black (2) IID Plain weave 76 120 Wale Course Black fabric (1) ID Warp knit 30 30 Brown IM Warp knit 20 17
There may be sound technical reasons why the Kashmiri weavers preferred a twill to a plain weave for their patterned shawl goods.
They differentiate from one another by having different fiber orientations, 0/90[degrees] and [+ or -]45[degrees], and by fabrics type, plain weave and satin weave (Wikipedia, 2008).
Stripes are back in when used in combination with plain fabrics for dramatic effect, but abandon straight lines and choose a soft shape sofa with a plain weave in sage green, taupe or duck egg blue.
Silk and gold leaf paper strips, twill weave with supplementary brocading wefts, lined with silk, plain weave, 64 x 52 1/2" (163 x 133 cm).
On a Midwestern fourdrinier, the Avantexx2, the first plain weave top double layer, has provided a 15.
Three different types of the belt are available: single-layered mesh in twill weave for carding processes, double-layered for high-quality forming of nonwovens or single-layered in plain weave for drylaid processes.
The raffia is woven in both a plain weave and velvet.