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popular Australian game bird

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I felt like crying for the next four days every time mum served up turkey leftovers - turkey salad, turkey casserole, turkey sarnies, just plain turkey and turkey bolognaise.
each--low-salt dieters can use plain turkey breast) 6 provolone cheese slices (1 oz.
Per Serving (1 sandwich): Calories: 356 Cholesterol: 38 mg Sodium: 809 mg Sodium: 209 mg (using low-salt bread and plain turkey breast) Carbohydrate: 35.3 gm Protein: 23.7 gm Fat: 13.2 gm
The Turkey: Fresh, plain turkeys that don't have any added broth, spices or other ingredients are always gluten-free.
Bravo for years of making insurance interesting, if not "fun." You are definitely the banquet in an industry filled with plain turkeys.