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Serves 2 For the pancakes 2 eggs 80g plain flour 150ml milk 15g unsalted butter, melted Sunflower oil For the sauce 30g sugar 30g butter 50ml orange juice 30ml Cointreau 10ml brandy 1 orange, segmented with sharp knife (all membranes removed)
INGREDIENTS (Serves 4) # 1 haggis # 1 tsp chilli powder # 1 tsp ground cumin # 1 tsp ground coriander # 1 tsp turmeric # 1 tbsp garam masala or curry powder # 175g of gram flour or plain flour # 30ml of vegetable oil # 200ml cold water #Vegetable oil for frying METHOD: Cook haggis according to the instructions.
CHEESE AND BROCCOLI PANCAKES (Serves 4) 100g cheddar cheese, grated, 50g parmesan cheese, grated, 150ml double cream, salt, one medium head of broccoli, chopped up, 2 eggs, 2dsp plain flour, 300ml milk, knob of butterr Gently heat the double cream in a pan.
Chocolate and orange pancakes You need: 90g plain flour, 20g cocoa powder, 25g caster sugar, 1 large egg, 300ml semi skimmed milk, ' tsp vanilla essence, FryLight Sunflower Oil, and for the filling 2 medium oranges, 250g tub ricotta cheese, 25g plain chocolate, grated, 25g sugar (serves four) Method: 1.
Butter and lightly dust a 12-hole friand or muffin tin with plain flour.
Sift the plain flour and fold in with the ground rice and Cinnamon to form a soft dough.
Ingredients 100g butter,40g icing sugar, 175g plain flour, 250g icing sugar , 1/2 tsp vanilla extract Preheat oven to 180C / Gas 4Method 1.
Sift 300g (10oz) plain flour and add this to the mixture with a pinch of salt.
2 Ingredients diced lamb plain flour olive oil pack baby carrots, halved Knorr Lamb Stock Cube, dry cider x 250g pack runner beans, cut 4cm lengths and zest of 1 orange Method the lamb in the flour.
7) Add about 3tbsp of water to plain flour to make a thick paste, then pipe crosses on to each bun.
175g/6oz plain flour 85g/3oz butter, chopped 2 tbsp icing sugar 1 tsp ground cinnamon 3 large eggs 300g/11oz light brown muscovado sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract 175g/6oz butter, melted 50g/2oz plain flour 50g/2oz cocoa 50g/2oz macadamia nuts and 50g/2oz dark chocolate, both chopped
Cupcakes: 60g unsalted butter, softened 150g unrefined golden caster sugar 1 egg, beaten 10g good-quality cocoa powder 20ml red food colouring 1 vanilla pod, seeds removed 120ml buttermilk (available at most supermarkets) 150g plain flour 1 tsp salt ' tsp bicarbonate of soda 1' tsp white balsamic vinegar (regular wine vinegar will do) Icing: 250g icing sugar 50g unsalted butter, softened 125g cream cheese 1 vanilla pod, seeds removed Splash of lemon juice Also: A 12-hole muffin tray 12 paper muffin cases Method: Let's get the icing made first.
Ingredients 250g pack Waitrose Soft Dates, chopped 125g unsalted butter, softened 200g dark brown sugar 2 large eggs 100g plain flour 100g pecan nuts Method Preheat the oven to 180C, gas mark 4.
To make around 14 large chocolate hazelnut cookies, take 300g soft butter; 160g caster sugar; 175g finely ground hazelnuts; 600g plain flour, sifted; - tsp bicarbonate of soda; and 450g dark chocolate chips.
110g/4oz unsalted butter 55g/2oz caster sugar/170g/6oz plain flour 2tbsp fresh lavender florets or 1tbsp dried culinary lavender, roughly chopped 2tbsp icing sugar for sprinkling.