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ordinary clothing as distinguished from uniforms, work clothes, clerical garb, etc

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The prince remarked that Evgenie Pavlovitch's plain clothes had evidently made a great impression upon the company present, so much so that all other interests seemed to be effaced before this surprising fact.
The money-lender came out from the inner regions of the bank, followed by his two guardian policemen in plain clothes.
"There would be no point in my being in plain clothes if I looked exactly what I was."
"Plain clothes?" I sighed, following the sartorial train of thought, even to the loathly arrows that had decorated my person once already for a little aeon.
They said plain clothes police officers in tuk tuks often terrorise people living in the informal settlements.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 20 (ANI): Delhi Police personnel have been directed to dress formally when in plain clothes while on duty according to an official statement by Delhi Additional DCP (Central district).
Plain clothes police officers pounced on a vehicle after suspecting that the driver was about to sell drugs to youngsters in the Shotton area.
Rawal division Superintendent Police (SP) Usman Tariq Butt has said police men in plain clothes will be deployed at pickets to control street crimes.
A new team of plain clothes officers will be patrolling on Merseyrail trains, it has been revealed.
KARACHI -- Security personnel in plain clothes on Sunday arrested The Nation Chief Reporter Mansoor Khan when he was covering the rally of the MQM-London chapter and kept him in brief detention at an undisclosed location.
Police have turned to state-of-the-art technology and plain clothes patrols to hunt animal attackers inStewart Park.
Plain clothes cops will patrol the streets of Paisley's Glenburn after a spate of tyre slashing.
Constable Carter, who was working in plain clothes, spent much of the day keeping an eye out for any youths who appeared to be up to no good.
Contesting their version, the youths' relatives and area people, who had gathered at the B-Section police station, claimed that the victims were playing some game in the car when the policemen in plain clothes knocked at its door and asked them to come out.