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Synonyms for plaguey

likely to spread and cause an epidemic disease

in a disagreeable manner

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Major Redwood goes on to admit that "I have always found it plaguey difficult to be single-minded.
but the only way's to stash it; so here goes to hammock again; and in the morning, I'll see how this plaguey juggling thinks over by daylight.
El seminario de esa ultima semana se dedica al comentario de dicha obra y se invita a los estudiantes a visitar el romantico cementerio de Friar's Bush, cercano a la Universidad, contemporaneo a las Noches lugubres y caido en desuso tras los enterramientos en losas comunes-- Plaguey Hill-- de las victimas de una epidemia de colera a comienzos del XIX.
When Orlando first appears as a woman, she is dressed in a sensual skirt that shows her legs and arouses the sailor's desire, "These skirts are plaguey things to have about one's heels.
Another conundrum, and a plaguey one: who was J Hal Surface Jr?