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According to Mariani, Tilgher has carried out a borderline plagiarization of Pirandello--quoting from La carriola in his "On the Alleged Indebtedness of Pirandello to Adriano Tilgher," Mariani underscores the passage "La forma che si e data o che gli altri gli hanno data," which is "exactly the expression Tilgher used five years later (152).
Thus, as the interpretation of organizational culture and symbolism became an increasingly valued commodity in Organization Studies, experimentation and unorthodoxy became transformed into piracy and plagiarization, as authors sought novel embellishments to provide distinctive persuasive effects in struggles for authority and credibility within different settings and divisions of labour.
It did not say what would be a substantive issue, if not plagiarization on a thesis.
If Rohani does give that permission, anyone will be able to check the thesis against Kamali's books and other works to see if there has been plagiarization.
Fernando, who is originally from India, said he found the total plagiarization upsetting "because you don't expect this kind of behavior." Academic plagiarism is not uncommon, but usually involved lifting paragraphs and sections, not an entire article.