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a piece of cloth sewn under an opening

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| TRY: Finery Westbourne asymmetric placket shirt in mixed check, PS59 ( THE ANTI-SHIRT SHIRT TAKE away all the traditional elements of a shirt - shoulders, collar, cuffs - and what do you have?
| TRY: Finery Westbourne asymmetric placket shirt in mixed check, PS59 ( THE LONG GAME Shirt dresses are nothing new but this season they resemble a Wolf Of Wall Street dress code, with contrast cuffffffs and bold stripes.
It also works best on thin, tightly woven shirts or shirt plackets.
Flavenoids, and hydroxi synamic acid products which is found abundantly in walnut leaves has an important role in decreasing the risk of cardiovascular factors through decreasing the gathering of plackets, atherosclerosis, blood pressure, and having antioxidant and into-inflammation activity, affects the activity of endothelial and gathers free radicals and prevents the death of endothelial cells [22,23,24].
Matched with Mossy Oak[R] BreakUp camo and many technical features like fleece-lined hoods, interior storm plackets, zippered chest pockets, nylon loops, oversized gusseted cargo pockets, neoprene storm cuffs, hand warmer pockets, draw-cords, etc., this is one clothing line made for bowhunters taking on the elements.
Substitute leotards for those rich red Karinskas with their clacking plackets, and "Rubies" could take its place in Balanchine's black-and-white wing, next to the quantum physics of The Four Temperaments and Agon.
The focus upon the process of story-telling, rather than upon poetic or dramaturgical devices, serves to dissolve the customary distinctions between different areas of the corpus, offering a means of discussing the totality of the work, while simultaneously removing the plays from their theatrical context (the world of 'nails and planks, codpieces and plackets' (p.
Pull open or cut clothing around the seams, plackets, etc.
That usually involves some sort of interfacing to provide structure and body to areas such as plackets, cuffs and especially collars.
* Placket designs are narrow to fit within plackets, whether when constructing a garment or embroidering on ready-made garments.
Pickering made the shirts: cotton lisle, collars possibly inspired by the habits of Carmelite nuns, and four-button plackets. The more unbuttoned the shirt was, the cooler you were.
Instead of what happens now (has been happening since infants, to be honest), which is that they turn up in ancient T-shirts with ripped plackets and leg wear that adheres to the concept of 'school trousers' about as faithfully as Beelzebub does to the church.
all fashions have generous plackets to prevent gapping.