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a piece of cloth sewn under an opening

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Next row (RS) Work Right Placket patt (see Stitch Guide) over 6 sts, pm, work in K2, P2 rib to last 2 sts, sl 2.
In Czech's photograph, this image coincides with the placket and collar point of a blouse.
Serge uni, cotton blouson, and polo shirt with nylon placket.
quiet sophistication, subtle detail, a refined classic look, contrast stitch "bar–tack"– shaped placket, wide flat piping detail.
best craft THE GREAT BRITISH SEWING BEE (BBC2, Tuesday, 8pm) THEY'VE shown they can make everything from nightgowns to coats, they've handled fabrics ranging from leather to silk, and thanks to the vintage blouse challenge, they and presenter Claudia Winkelman, left, now know what a placket is.
Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Eumer Ecelik made a speech before presenting the placket to Simon Hughes, the winner of the "Most Supportive British" nomination underlined that activities of Business Network which are aiming to promote Turkey in UK are very precious.
1) shows all of the pattern pieces--front, back, sleeves, gussets, cuffs, the yoke, neckband, facing and a small placket at the bottom of the front opening.
Also available with short sleeves, this garment looks like a standard button-up dress shirt, but the placket hides a series of Velcro fasteners.
Left) knit shirt with a black and gold placket by Mine, $75; black and gold cotton plaid shirt by Mine, $92; cotton british khaki pants by Berle, $98; and black suede belt by Torino Leather, $85 (Right) tiger stripe black and gold knit dress by Bel Kazan, $115
The high street favourites have developed the No Peep shirt, which uses a hidden placket - a finished opening that allows for movement - and concealed extra buttons to banish gaping for good.
The first stanza of Number 1 ("Unannounced Slights"), for example, concludes with this zinger: "deal slap placket attitude tubes.
She was wearing a pair of faded jeans and a black blouse with arbitrary ruffles along the button placket.
The additional samples are techniques such as gathering, zigzag, the overlapping placket, the kissing placket, alternating hooks and eyes, snaps, Velcro, pinked edge, edge-stitched edge, turned and edged stitched, bound edge, and the interlocking stitch.
Tactical Shirt is constructed of lightweight cotton/spandex and features a seven-button front placket with SnapShot hidden magnetic center buttons.