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Synonyms for placidity

Synonyms for placidity

a feeling of calmness


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a disposition free from stress or emotion

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No less swift than the hatchet stroke was the limp placidity into which Borckman's body melted to the deck.
Formerly the anger of the father was the supremely effective sanction of these rites, but Mr Verloc's placidity in domestic life would have made all mention of anger incredible even to poor Stevie's nervousness.
And so, under pretence of softening the previous outrage, of stroking and soothing me into placidity, you stick a sly penknife under my ear
He reflected with sober placidity that at least there were no monuments of his "meanness" scattered about the world.
Yes; she mustn't come out any more," said Miss Tita, with one of her lapses into a deeper placidity.
First of all, because by seeking to focus on subjects of all kinds on a daily basis, one acquires the placidity of
Mehta, former director of research and analytics for the US Treasury's Troubled Asset Relief Programme, pointed to several other indicators of uncanny market placidity this year.
His mind is far nearer to the animal world than is that of the European or Asiatic, and exhibits something of the animal's placidity and want of desire to rise beyond the state he has reached.
This placidity, however, is swept away by the sudden appearance of the Golden Deer, which she is first to see and to desire.
66) Drawing on the work of Hyman Minski, he observes that whereas regulation often comes on the heels of economic shocks, the same regulation tends to be eroded away in times of market placidity.
Situated within Midlands' exquisitely landscaped greenery, this masterfully designed place of worship provides one the placidity and stillness needed amid the frenzied, fast-paced lifestyle in the city.
When our narrator leaves home to visit Tracey's household, she glimpses something she actively likes, a rare reaction: "Whenever I sat on her huge white leather settee eating her Angel Delight and peacefully watching Easter Parade or The Red Shoes--Tracey's mother would tolerate only Technicolor musicals--I couldn't help but notice the placidity of a small, all-female household.
The first is the interruption of placidity in which the animal senses human presence.
The peculiar commercial quality of political interaction generates a continuing parade of societal tectonics (Young 1991), in contrast to the placidity of equilibrium theory.
He travelled down through France and crossed Switzerland on a sketching tour that was to result in views of Switzerland in all its moods, from the placidity of the Rigi mountain at dawn, seen from Lake Lucerne, to the Alpine squall of Snow Storm: Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps of 1812.