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Nagase, "Effect of porcine placental extract on the mild menopausal symptoms of climacteric women," Climacteric, vol.
Placental histomorphology in chromosomal anomalies shows many nonspecific findings, including small size of the placenta, villous edema, trophoblastic invaginations, and irregular villous contours [5].
Additionally, in recent years, it has been revealed that there is a clear relationship between placental pathology and intrauterine growth restriction/preeclampsia [13].
In this study, we aimed to compare the placental diffusion difference in IUGR patients with worsening Doppler US findings and control group by using DWI.
Due to hemorrhages and blood clots the underlying placental parenchymal tissue become compressed and focally necrotic.
This discovery also has vast implications for modelling embryonic defects and shedding light on placental dysfunctions, as well as solving certain infertility problems by creating human embryos in a Petri dish.
The risk of premature cardiovascular disease was magnified 4.4-fold in women with a maternal placental syndrome plus an intrauterine fetal death, compared with those with neither, after adjustment for socio-demographic factors and other potential confounders, and by 3.1-fold in women with a maternal placental syndrome and poor fetal growth (Lancet.
She stated that her gynaecologist conducted her DandC and collected a specimen of the placental tissue for a test and deposited it to the Hameed Latif Hospital laboratory.
In toxicological studies, modifications of the environment during pregnancy, such as induced hypoxia, modification of the circulating levels of glucocorticoid and insulin-like growth factors as well as diet restriction, could affect placental weight (Fowden and Forhead 2009).
The underlying mechanisms involved in placental pathology remain unclear.
In recent years, studies have shown an association between placental weight, fetal weight and perinatal health.
In fasting group, placenta weight was 531.5+-92.80 g in boys while 544.8+-62.79 g in girls and ratio of placental to birth weight was 18.8+-2.28 in boys while 19.4+-2.70 in girls.