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They pointed out that non-invasive imaging can provide an early warning of placental dysfunction.
Increased mammary growth was observed in test female non lactating mice, as compared to controls when placental lactogen was applied.
However, there are conflicting reports regarding the effect of placental malaria on the efficiency of the transplacental transfer of the anti-tetanus antibody, and therefore on the cord-blood concentrations.
Multiple placental, maternal, and fetal underlying etiologies can result in FVM.
The use of placental ssue in different forms to address the typical effects of bone diseases including arthritis, osteoporosis, bone tumors, Paget's Disease, and alveolar bone degradation.
The preservation and sterilization of placental tissue necessary to make it available to physicians for transplantation to patients in clinical need.
Until now, we had no way to look at regional placental function in vivo," says Grant.
The present study intends to depict gross changes in placentae of smokers and passive smokers along with effect of active and passive smoking on placental coefficient.
We determined whether the abnormal UA DV occurring in FGR patients when correlated with the placental findings could possibly give insight into the aetiopathogenesis of FGR and guide towards early treatment and better neonatal outcomes using DV as a tool.
They also tested the placental tissue of another 22 women who had babies that appeared healthy.
In recent years, a combined method involving three-dimensional (3D) imaging associated with power Doppler ultrasonography was employed to evaluate placental volume and vascularization (Araujo Junior et al.
In group B versus A placental and cord width while in Group C versus A only cord width in gross morphology showed significant results.
Placental abruption was found in 52%, anemia in 8%, pre-eclampsia in 30%, eclampsia in 54%, diabetes mellitus in 18% and cord prolapse in 58% of the patients.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 8, 2016-Pluristem Therapeutics wins patent allowance in China for methods of treating Ischemic conditions using placental cells
Research in recent decades, and particularly in the past 10 years, has demonstrated that placental shape matters, that it's linked to function, and that quantifying abnormalities in shape and growth can be a meaningful clinical tool for detecting and preventing disease early in pregnancy.