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an office that finds suitable employment for applicants

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He briefed the members about the recent initiatives of NAVTTC including arranging skill competitions across the country, increasing the number of trainees to 100,000, becoming a member of World Skills International, establishment of Job Placement Centers at Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, launching Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) system, Competency Based Training, introduction of modern assessment system and many others.
Furthermore, the public health menace of street children or its associated consequences is on the rise because of the negligible sensitization of the health workers to the needs of street children [20] absence of a strategic plan to employ / rope-in outreach workers or non-governmental agencies [19,20] inequitable distribution of the child welfare centers [15] and no framework to monitor functioning of the placement centers [14,15].
Hypothesis 2 predicted that use of placement center services would have a more positive effect for blacks than for whites.
The Career Guidance and Placement Center (CG and amp;PC) office is led by a trained and full time Clinical Psychologist aims at providing assistance and guidance to the students for helping them in making their career choices, academic planning and to explore future professions and placement opportunities based on their personal needs and current opportunities.
Please know that our Career Counseling and Placement Center subscribes to some 40 collegiate publications annually.
In each placement center there is an individualized protection plan (IPP) for each beneficiary of such protection, which contain 5 SIP.
Call the Job Placement Center for more information, 661-722-6300, Ext.
According to the article, "The punk song is called 'OSYM,' a Turkish acronym for The Student Selection and Placement Center.
Today, the American Library Association Placement Center lists more open library positions than at any time in the last 20 years, and library administrators are wing for the smallest pool of candidates in three decades," said Judith S.
According to David, the best ways to start your job search are to work with the Career Planning and Placement Center at your college or university and to visit the Teacher Job Fairs.
The results of this poll reinforce the rather short-term career planning horizon that most college graduates use as they start their professional careers," says Jim Case, director of the Career Planning and Placement Center at California State University, Fullerton.
APSA is expanding the service to create a year-round placement center that builds upon the online version of the Personnel Service Newsletter, the most comprehensive listing of jobs in political science.
For graduate students, five full time professionals at the Ziff Graduate Placement Center coach them and help find them jobs.
You may also want to visit the school's career planning and placement center and determine what they do for current students as well as graduates.
That's where the college placement center can come in.