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cause to sit or seat or be in a settled position or place

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The court heard he said he would burn the place down and "take as many people as he could", before claiming he would "kill the doctor who killed his mum.
Andy Batters On nursery ordered to close down It's a good job they closed the place down.
He said: "When you look at the table, from 11th place down only four points separate the teams down to us.
He screams the place down demanding his money back and starts a run on the bank.
So when I see a mum chatting to her chum while her 'precious prince' causes havoc in a mall, or a father who just tuts and shrugs his shoulders as his daughter screams the place down until she gets her way, I despair.
9, and Syria moved from the 127th place down to the 129th and Yemen and Libya, which were 146th, fell to the 164th and 168th places this year, respectively.
The Bear pub in Willenhall has attracted the attentions of the boys in blue after some 20 call outs in a matter of weeks over the summer and the cops now want to close the place down.
He said: "There were bouncers at the door and we were told the big bosses had gone in and shut the place down.
Catching the little blighters is difficult enough, but piglets go absolutely bonkers and scream the place down if you pick them up, and the ear-splitting screams can turn the sow into a potential killing machine, determined to defend her babies at all costs.
Turkey dropped one place down to 32nd place on the list.
Peggy came from fourth place down the back-straight to snatch a half length victory over Croom Star in a useful 31.
This is a turn-key restaurant property with all of the FF&E in place down to the silver and glassware.
It seems the sensible thing to do is close this place down and provide alternative care for the residents until there are guarantees that our old folk are safe in their hands.
Jonjo O'Neill (right) put his stable star's dismal fifth place down to the bad ground and, with no evidence to suggest any physical reason for the reverse, that seems the most likely explanation.
Some experts say we ought to put in up to 100,000 more Americans for a short, defined period, quiet the place down, and then internationalize the nation-building; others say the Army simply doesn't have 100,000 new troops to spare, and has maybe 10,000 to 20,000 at most.