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the act of placating and overcoming distrust and animosity

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The inferior vena cava after ligation and placation: a study of collateral routes.
In that sense, affects are regularly exploited and channelled to serve consumerist needs, capitalist abstractions, legal obedience and political placation. In order to be better controlled, they are partitioned in discreet air-conditioned spaces: warm and cosy, cool and bracing, balmy and luxurious, polluted and degraded.
As all puppies reported very early, manual reduction followed by enteropexy worked well in preventing recurrence as recurrence of intussusception is common without placation of affected segment (Crowe, 1990).
Hidden in the grander scheme of the massive placation there is a hidden under current and message.
Farrakhan also downplayed demonstrations of solidarity across racial lines in the wake of the shootings as mere placation on the part of the white community.
Like the mountains of Eliot, Forster, and Lowry, Lin's mountains suggest a brooding immanence, something immune to petition and placation. At the same time, they are never more than vaguely evocative, and they are all the more unsettling for being so inscrutable and evasive.
Other prayers could be heard, this time for the withdrawal of waters and for the placation of the God of Thunder.
It is the most commonly used technique with a long-term success rate above 90%.[sup.2] Transvaginal placation techniques are also available to treat POP.
They had to do this not through placation and obfuscation but by looking critically at themselves and their society.
I just do not want to create from a place of critical placation. That is a dead zone.
Netanyahu's placation of the settlers, including coalition partners, is short-sighted and dangerous.
The intended participation of women through the implementation of the quotas system is considered a mere placation and vacuous tokenism.
"Manipulation" and "therapy," which Arnstein argued represented attempts by elected representatives or administrators to dress up what she called nonparticipation, gave way further up the ladder to "information," "consultation," and placation," which she categorized as tokenism.
Victims who resort to placation, the fourth attribute of collaborators, will invariably fear those individuals who resist the perpetrator's violence, will usually perceive resistance to violence as "morally wrong" and perhaps even perceive any resistance to violence (including explicitly nonviolent resistance) as "violent," because their own fear of resisting perpetrators is now so deeply embedded in their unconscious that any form of resistance is considered futile and likely to provoke further perpetrator violence.
The ladder categorises the degree of power sharing within a consultation-participation spectrum that includes the following: manipulation, therapy, informing, consultation, placation, partnership, delegation and citizen control.