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intended to pacify by acceding to demands or granting concessions

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If we really think that attempts to remove and hide Judeo-Christian symbols from our societies in the vain hope of placating Muslim sensibilities will succeed, then we need to know it won't work.
TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: "For the CBI to see this as simply a way of placating trade unions, rather than a key way of retaining and motivating staff, says a great deal about their attitudes to the modern world.
Bishop Michael Ingham of New Westminster would be barred from Anglican summits (like the Lambeth meeting of bishops, which meets every 10 years) as a way of placating more conservative members of the Anglican Communion and preventing schism.
Placating the Republican Party's conservative base may prove more difficult than the Bush brain trust believes.
His main job was placating countless watchdog groups who'd been told that "the public" owns the air waves and hence believed that nothing on TV should offend them.
Speaking to business leaders in Perth, he said: "None of us must underestimate the importance of placating the English, our much-reviled neighbour and best customer.
Don't be placating," he told us, as if there were no more insulting adjective in the English language.
On the "de-Martha-izing" of the magazine when she was in prison: "It was all about placating the lawyers and Wall Street and advertisers," says Stewart, who eventually pushed CEO Sharon Patrick out and installed a new regime.