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Words related to pizzicato

a note or passage that is played pizzicato

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(of instruments in the violin family) to be plucked with the finger

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with a light plucking staccato sound

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The context heavily suggests reference to the double bass, about which American Heritage Dictionary IV observes, in part, "The largest bowed stringed instrument in the modern orchestra, also used frequently in jazz ensembles, especially played pizzicato..."
The attending LATIN BEAT scribes were extremely impressed with their performance, including the unique multi-timbered style and phenomenal pizzicato technique displayed by Mark Summer, one of the outstanding jazz cellists of our time.
Pizzicato panicked when a national competitor moved into its territory.
A recent track from, Pizzicato Five (a Japanese mambo band) thumps loudly and out dances Bianca, a red head in a black evening gown.
The string bass, now rarely played in its traditionally Western European arco or bowed manner, is played primarily pizzicato or plucked, supplying rhythm, keeping time, and providing a harmonic foundation.
Several of the movements dispense with the continuo altogether (the performers choose to use harpsichord continuo alone while acknowedging the documented evidence of a cellist, Eduoard, in the first performances), giving a glimpse into the Classical sound-world along with pizzicato sections and pastoral pedal-notes.
PIZZICATO (3.40) can strike a blow for France in the Three-Year-Old All-Weather Championship at Lingfield.
There are many different special effects such as glissando, tremolo and ponticello, some double stops with at least one open string, slurs of two or three notes, hooked bowings and pizzicato. Each piece has a metronome marking and a creative tempo marking such as "with big feet" for the elephant, or "cute but a little cold" for the penguin and the edition is very clear on bowings, fingerings and dynamics.
There are many influences contained within, not least the use of alto sax and some memorable pizzicato (string plucking) from the double basses.
Under the baton of world-renowned conductor Jac van Steen, the Orchestra of Opera North presents a selection of Viennese favourites, including Von Suppe's Die schone Galathee: Overture, Johann Strauss II Pizzicato Polka and On the Beautiful Blue Danube along with Lehar's Gold & Silver Waltz.
The 61-year-old performed a solo pizzicato Serenade by Benjamin Britten, then joined with the orchestra of youngsters to play an arrangement of themes from Pirates of the Caribbean.
An atonal cacophony of a second movement, a double-bass converted into a snare drum (through cunning use of a slip of paper between the strings) in the third, musket-like snap pizzicato in the sixth, and shameless glissando in the last.
Michael Barnett; Solveig's Song, Grieg/Wallendorf; In the Hall of the Mountain King, Grieg/Wallendorf; Pizzicato Polka, Joseph & Johann Strauss/Leigh Martinet; Funiculi Funicula, Luigi Denza/Michel; Nessun Dorma, Giacomo Puccini/Florian Janezic; Kalinka, Iwan Petrowitsch Larionow/Michel; The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Solomon Linda/ Wallendorf; Wanton Horns (Chinese Kitchen Dreams), Klaus Wallendorf; Zui Zui Zukkorobashi, Traditional Japan/Masaru Kashiwahara; Tokyo Subway Polka or Nishi-Takashimadaira (Bilben aus dem Yenseits), Wallendorf; Waltzing Matilda, Traditional Australian/Joshua Davis; Guten Abend, gut' Nacht, Brahms/ Wallendorf.
Generously sampling Bird's unique compositions, with their intellectual humor, folk rhythms, complex structures, whimsical whistling and signature pizzicato violin, "Fever" should rock the faithful and uninitiated alike.
Performances include: * Tritsch Tratsch Polka * The Blue Danube Waltz * Radetzky March * Wiener Blut * Thunder and Lightning Polka * Pizzicato Polka * Perpetuum Mobile * The Laughing Song from Die Fledermaus Book now for this wonderful evening that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step!