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Synonyms for pizzazz

the activeness of an energetic personality

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Bryn Evans, of Pizzazz (left) with James Pennington, of the National B2B Centre.
To add a little pizzazz to the worksheet, you can program Excel to post the current date above the two columns.
It may not be as prestigious as the holly, but the cotoneaster produces a wealth of berries which add instant pizzazz to any festive wreath.
With such stars as Stan Douglas, Marcos Ramirez, and Larry Sultan, and a supporting cast of emerging artists selected by West Coast curators (Ralph Rugoff, Matthew Higgs, Toby Kamps, Lisa Corrin, Daina Augaitis), the show should also have plenty of Pacific pizzazz.
Sphinx's new Pizzazz Collection is inspired by 1960s pop art with its fuchsia, turquoise, sunny yellow and sky blue color palette.
Pre-baked with layers of Ready-to-Go Fillo Dough, the Mini Fillo Shells add pizzazz and profits to a variety of processed products, including snacks, appetizers, desserts and breakfasts.
Pizzazz is an advanced-generation synthetic cultivar selected from the half-sib progenies of 31 plants, which trace maternally to plants selected from eight different sources of germplasm.
Pre-baked with layers of Ready-to-Go Fillo Dough[TM], Athens Mini Fillo Shells add pizzazz and profits to processor products including snacks, appetizers, desserts and breakfast.
The body of the ad copy needs some pizzazz, it sounds as though an academic penned it, and that doesn't necessarily make for scintillating copy.
Editor's note: We couldn't resist sharing this letter from a Canadian reader In the June 2000 issue, you ran an article entitled "Potting with Pizzazz," which showed a wonderful potting shed [right].
And the jurors enjoyed seeing "plain Janes" given newfound appeal and pizzazz in renovations.
Enter nonprofit Trees New York, which together with Cooper Union art school decided to go beyond signage while adding a touch of pizzazz.
Week in and week out, Gennaro devised numbers that brought the badly needed dash and pizzazz of show dancing to a broadcast whose overly relaxed atmosphere bordered on the soporific.
The label on Martin & Weyrich 1997 Zinfandel La Primitiva should appeal to those consumers who like risk and pizzazz.
Also, choose from 30 unique computer graphics to add pizzazz to invitations, cards, flyers, and posters (www.