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Synonyms for pizzazz

the activeness of an energetic personality

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Please get in touch with Bonita Best, Pizzazz Production at or for bookings, interviews, or promo kits.
New Delhi [India], July 11 ( ANI ): During the upcoming International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) celebrations, a fashion show is all set to add some pizzazz to New York's Times Square.
Bocea happily combines demi-caractere pizzazz with danseur noble manner....
"This means combining those fresh ingredients and flavors you crave the most, whether everyday or unexpected, with a little imagination and pizzazz to create your own salad masterpiece."
DOES the all-star cast of romantic comedy New Year's Eve make it glitter, or does it have all the pizzazz of a water-damaged party popper?
He promises to bring his extraordinary energy, wit and pizzazz to the party.
We love it for its styling pizzazz, for its torquey turbodiesel verve, and for the smile it plasters across your face when you drive it.'
Each of these table lamps create pizzazz by day or night, so they're well worth investing in.
Ian Dilley, incoming president of Guisborough and District Round Table who are organising the parade, said: "We would love to have a brass band or some juvenile jazz bands to add a little pizzazz to the parade."
PRS chairman Ellis Rich said: "Bristol has been a longstanding contributor to the British music scene, constantly injecting its unique pizzazz of trip-hop and rock bands."
Before embarking on your Chinese banquet, why not add some pizzazz to the evening with a fragrant cocktail.
The velvety eyeshadows ($ 18 each) bring pop and pizzazz to peepers with six fresh hues poised for a spring awakening.
"Speed Decorating" is of interest to any who wants more pizzazz in their home ASAP.
High Roller is the latest album of family-friendly kid-folk music by Hullabaloo, blending folk musical influences with inspiration from beloved figures such as Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash to create a collection of classical tunes redone with a new pizzazz. The result is listening experience that produces smiles from young and old alike!
And, the pizzazz these vivid grips lend to any 1911 is truly something to behold.