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Italian open pie made of thin bread dough spread with a spiced mixture of e

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''Pag hindi nagkasundo sa hatian ng pizza pie, malabo,' Senator Panfilo Lacson said in a text message on Monday.
Grab a pie from Marzano's Pizza Pie ($$; 60 Laneda Ave.; 503/368-3663) and cart it home--or a half-block to the beach for a sunset supper.
The resort has the feeling of a Tuscan villa, with arched doorways, interior courtyards, statuary, trompe l'oeil artwork, vine-covered trellises, shaded loggias-and from your balcony, a moon that hits your eye like a big pizza pie. Its spa emphasizes mind and body remedies that include private meditation gardens and music therapy.
"In one sitting, I ate an entire pizza pie and then I had a liter of Coca-Cola.
These products are the first organic dressings aimed at children, and have flavors like Organic Pizza Pie Dressing, Organic Zoom Dressing and Tutti Fruitti Dressing (which is 80% organic).
The delicious result no doubt has frozen pizza pie guys kicking themselves for not thinking of the idea first, as they rush to put their own spin on what may very well be "the next big thing" in pizza toppings, namely: thinly-cut slices of marinated, premium sirloin steak smothered with fried onions, mushrooms, slivers of green peppers and a rich layer of shredded provolone cheese.
"The Pizza Pie Song is a favourite and one day we had Hear'Say playing and someone started singing along - soon the whole store was joining in," he says.
'Dun pa din ako sa normal na food ang sarap kaya ng halo halo, pizza pie, spaghetti, fried chicken, coke, tsitsirya (cheese curls + chippy).'
According to the report, the woman had visited the pizzeria six months ago and had placed an order for a pizza pie worth $14.
Or try Vic's Monster "Bronx Bomber" a 28" pizza pie that will barely fit out the door.
We rolled down the hill, ran up the hill, and rolled down it again until I rolled so much I thought I would be as flat as a pizza pie if I didn't stop.
Pauline's Pizza Pie. Pizzas at this Mission District favorite incorporate organic produce grown in the restaurant's garden.
I know that Space research has to be funded somehow, but is a cheesy pizza pie the best way to do it?
Chicago Pizza Pie and Henry J Bean's group My Kinda Town has tuned into a pounds 51 million deal with Capital Radio.