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Italian open pie made of thin bread dough spread with a spiced mixture of e

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The "Pizza QSR Chains in Africa" report has been added to's offering.
Domino's worker takes just 27 seconds to bake a fresh pizza, making him the fastest pizza maker in Europe after for the third consecutive year.
Contrary to what most people think, the pizza crust is more than just a base for the toppings.
The company has not received any reports of adverse reaction to consuming the recalled pizzas. Consumers concerned about health issues from the pizza products should contact their healthcare provider.
Pizza has recently been voted in the top 5 of Britain's Favourite Takeaway, so we know this deal will be enticing all pizza lovers to their nearest Asda.
This marks the first time a Domino's Pizza will be baking fresh pizza inside a 7-Eleven in Taiwan.
Well it's a mash up of some of the items that the two eateries do best - a Cheesy Bites pizza smothered inKFC gravyand topped with Popcorn chicken pieces, mozzarella, sweet corn and garlic sprinkles.
A look at the top five grocery chains for pizza foodservice orders further reveals that a winning combination of price and quality are what consumers seek most from a grocery deli pizza experience.
"Little Caesars is excited to celebrate the opening of its first restaurant in the Philippines, and to finally share our delicious pizzas with everyone," said Paula Vissing, Senior Vice President of International for Little Caesars Pizza.
A Guy is like a Pizza.'When you have an issue with a guy, like pizza, you don't instantly reject, maybe you don't like one topping, ayaw mo ng bell pepper, ok, tanggalin mo lang, kasi gusto mo pa rin kainin yung pizza, you don't like onion, remove it, eat pizza.
Pizza is one of America's most popular dishes, especially featuring Cheese, Pepperoni and Sausage as the reliable and most often ordered varieties.
New Delhi: Indians love cheese and toppings on their pizza and they are more inclined towards better quality than pricing, says Chef and World Champion in Acrobatic Pizza, Renato Viola.
Frozen pizza fits the bill, but will it fit into your healthy eating routine?
Calabrisella, CardiffNow a well-established go-to for awesome pizza in Cardiff, Calabrisella's pizzas are huge, have great topping selection and you're transported to Calabria as soon as you take a bite.