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Synonyms for pizzazz

the activeness of an energetic personality

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They are better than what is there now, but some how it lacks a little pizazz.
Large Graham crystal goblet by Juliska: China Cupboard, Flowood; The Everyday Gourmet, Jackson; The Paper Place in Centre Park, Ridgeland; Stein Jewelry, Madison; Reed's, Tupelo; Pizazz!, Columbus; Fincher's Inc., Greenwood; Lagniappe Gifts, Greenville; Reflections, Meridian; Plums, Hattiesburg.
It's a building with some pizazz, verve, energy - tautological I know - but why can't this same outlook be extended to Castle Hill?
PUT a bit of pizazz in your pasta with the newlive music nights on Sundays, at Est Est Est, at Liverpool's Albert Dock.
Other contributors' insights, case studies, and colorful diagrams add pizazz to such topics as the CFO agenda, financial and management subprocesses, and the foundation of a successful tax function.
Add some pizazz to your life with Nestle's latest chocolates.
Juice is available in either Peach Pizazz or Blueberry Blast flavors.
The culmination of the NFL season is bound to be full of noise, pizazz and star quality - and that's just the half-time show.
With a little thoughtful effort on your part, there's a possibility you can pump some pizazz into the relationship.
Envied for his chutzpah and pizazz, Trump was so admired by people across the U.S.
Full of pizazz, telepathic timing and an ability to create music that's both catchy and immediate, Big Boss Man will transform every place they play into one venue under a groove.
Other available flavors include Mango Guava Madness, Strawberry Sensation, Wild Berry Boost, Passion Orange Guava, Peach Pizazz, and Pineapple Coconut.