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(computer science) the smallest discrete component of an image or picture on a CRT screen (usually a colored dot)

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In each sub image, row wise and column wise black pixel counts were calculated (if one pixel found in one row or column, then it was taken as one count.
The smartphone camera, for instance, with the highest pixel count today, the Nokia Lumia 1020, offers a whopping 41 megapixels of detail.
Nikon Corporation (TYO:7731) announces the release of the Nikon D800 FX-format digital SLR camera, which offers a noteworthy effective pixel count of 36.
Each image sensor has photodiodes with a pixel count of more than 1,920 by 1,080 for cut-out position processing.
While the PC monitor continues its evolutionary advancement in increasing display resolution from VGA to XGA, UXGA, and WUXGA, the interface technology that keeps up with the pixel count are moving to DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.
1 million pixels, the newly developed sensor features a pixel count that, at approximately 120 million pixels, is nearly 7.
Next in importance is the highest pixel count possible, which will give you the most definition.
If your submission is not an exact multiple of 320x240, as a professional video pixel count of 720x486 would be, expect some blurring.
Regression analysis results for the camera/sensor combinations shows excellent prediction of distance measurements from the pixel count equations.
JVC's advanced prism optics and filterless 3-CCD pixel shift technology quadruple the pixel count to record 5 megapixel-class stills.
This logic leads to the conclusion the real value of a digital image lies not in its color file size, but in its pixel count.
1 megapixel Camedia X-3 is no exception, but it's a neat little machine, bettering the X-2 with a higher CCD pixel count, a closer macro-capability, a slightly larger LCD display/viewfinder and an autofocus that does its job twice as quickly.
The MIT Media Lab and Japan's TAO consortium have also demonstrated real-time holo-video systems, but the Active Tiling approach allows for a higher pixel count, and therefore larger image size and field of view from a given input source.
The higher pixel count of the SXGA+ technology provides improved clarity and ease of use, resulting in a larger working desktop for users executing detailed business applications.