pivot man

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the person in a rank around whom the others wheel and maneuver


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Joachim was the pivot man in a delightful one-two with Gary McAllister but the 38-year-old took too long to get his shot away and Sunderland skipper George McCartney snuffed out the chance.
Against Korea he will work as the pivot man, with Emile Heskey and Darius Vassell raiding from the flanks as Eriksson replicates the tactics first employed against Holland in February and which he plans to deploy in the opening encounter with Sweden on June 2.
If he could use some help at backup center, he still starts the game's most powerful pivot man.
He was replaced as first-line center by Rich Peverley, normally a forward but also a capable pivot man.
He helped turn 22 double plays this season, often being the pivot man at second base.
Unless Hamill steals the spotlight, the Bruins also might want to take a look at Jamie Arniel, another Providence center who leads the team in goals (14) and points (30), and/or Joe Colborne, yet another pivot man with 11-14-25 totals and a healthy 13.