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The official and legalistic nature of the scene (especially the council's judgment), moreover, tends to validate the audience's response both to Othello's tale and to the mental image of Desdemona pitying him--indeed, to the problematic nature of the relationship itself.
They look at such examples as the pittiers and the pitted in Herodotus and Thucydides; pity, power, and spectacle in Sophacles' Trachiniae; vase painting; pitying the sick in the Hippocratic corpus and Greek tragedy; and Plutarch.
It is the contrast between Ladislaw's 'sunny brightness' and Casaubon's 'rayless gloom' (241) that prompts in Dorothea 'the first stirrings of a pitying tenderness fed by the realities of [Casaubon's] lot and not by her own dreams' (242).
Arguably, Jones's conflict with Ella Mae has less to do with her pitying him than it does with his inability to articulate his feelings of powerlessness to her without appearing helpless.
In both tales 2 and 26 there is no pitying party who can mitigate the suffering of another.