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On follow-up he was feeling better, had no ascites, but was still having pitting edema of his lower limbs.
Clinical findings like PMR or pitting edema can be seen in rheumatologic diseases (including AS and SpA) in the elderly patients and can be related with the onset age of the disease rather than being a normal clinical finding of the disease [20-22].
Pitting edema gives way on palpation, leaving persistent impressions in the skin; brawny edema offers resistance but leaves no impressions (Goroll & Mulley, 2009; Stems, 2013).
Remitting seronegative symmetrical synovitis with pitting edema (RS3PE) has been described as a limited syndrome of bilateral symmetrical synovitis that involves the wrists and hands that occurs mainly in elderly men.
However, after approximately 48 hours, the patient developed mild pitting edema and resumed mild compression with bandages from the foot to under the knee.
All children diagnosed as severe acute malnutrition, defined as weight for height measurement of less than 70% of the median or greater than 3 SD below the mean World Health organization reference values or the presence of bilateral pitting edema of nutritional origin admitted in Nutrition Stabilization Center were included in this study.
This edition has expanded calculations, including cerebral perfusion pressure, MDI/DPI dosage, and pressure support ventilation setting; a new section on ventilator waveforms with illustrations for normal waveforms and abnormal waveforms resulting from changing patient/ventilator conditions; enhanced appendices with information on topics like anatomical values of children and adults, basal metabolic rate, normal laboratory reference values, croup score, sedation scales, and pitting edema scale; expanded exercises and examples; and updated self-assessment questions to reflect the exam format of the National Board for Respiratory Care.
There were 2+ pitting edema of both lower extremities, extending from ankles up to knees.
Her legs weren't bigger around than a silver dollar and the pitting edema was 4+.
The clinical spectrum of remitting seronegative symmetrical synovitis with pitting edema.
Physical examination disclosed orthopnea, dyspnea, bilateral jugular venous distention and bilateral pretibial pitting edema.
Scarvelis and Wells examined this tool to assess the "pretest probability" of DVT, (1) using several parameters: active cancer, immobility due to factors such as paralysis, localized tenderness along particular distributions of the deep veins, swelling of the entire leg, calf swelling more than 3 cm larger than the asymptomatic side, pitting edema in the symptomatic leg, collateral vein formation (non-varicose), and previously documented DVT.
pitting edema bilaterally to the level of his knees.