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Synonyms for pitter-patter

a series of rapid tapping sounds

Related Words

rain gently

make light, rapid and repeated sounds


Related Words

as of footsteps

describing a rhythmic beating

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Shouting in big capital letters, he blogged: "THERE WILL BE PITTER-PATTERING SOON.
He could hear pitter-pattering outside his door, 'running, as of imps, up and down the stairs'.
That night, from his bed, he could hear the same sinister pitter-pattering, and the light of morning revealed the traces he hoped for - or perhaps dreaded.
Devoid of operatic frou-frou, the 13-song score is slender but agreeable, with one charming love duet (``Half a Moment'') and a pitter-pattering buoyancy reminiscent of Gilbert and Sullivan.