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in a manner arousing sympathy and compassion


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But from my darling who was coming on the morrow, I found a joyful letter, full of such loving anticipation that I must have been of marble if it had not moved me; from my guardian, too, I found another letter, asking me to tell Dame Durden, if I should see that little woman anywhere, that they had moped most pitiably without her, that the housekeeping was going to rack and ruin, that nobody else could manage the keys, and that everybody in and about the house declared it was not the same house and was becoming rebellious for her return.
She was in lather-sweat of fear, and stood trembling pitiably.
Jansenius, though a few words from his wife had surprised and somewhat calmed him, was still pitiably restless and uneasy.
Eynsford Hill to live in Earlseourt on an income so pitiably smaller that I have not the heart to disclose its exact figure.
He somewhat pitiably lives in a basement room of the Agency, and his only pleasures are savored pieces of a chocolate bar, a soap opera, and dinners gleaned from the cafeteria's provisions.
It is generally agreed that, in Nigeria, our information and data for purposes of planning are pitiably inadequate, and that the few that are available arc notoriously and hopelessly out-of-date.
Most pitiably, the surge in the SOC (social overhead capital) budget was due to rampant "earmarked" budgeting by political bigwigs aiming for re-election.
In a country which has a pitiably low forest cover, barely moving beyond 4pc, and the highest rate of deforestation in South Asia, the growth in the area under mangroves is encouraging.
Rather than evil incarnate, Kelly is pitiably human, a
Thus the belief in miracles does not, as the pitiably shallow philosophy of enlightenment would have it, issue from ignorance of the "laws of nature"; on the contrary, the very concept of the miraculous presupposes a familiarity with the laws of nature.
Unfair: lopsided, pitiably so, for reasons having nothing to do with their conduct.
In her essay "The Flowering Dream" (1959) the author relates southern Gothic, "in which the grotesque is paralleled with the sublime," to Russian realism, remarking the fact that both traditions emphasize "the cheapness of human life," and adding that the South is more complicated, due to the racial problem, than Russian society: "To many a poor Southerner, the only pride that he has is the fact that he is white, and when one's self-pride is so pitiably debased, how can one learn to love?
Pitiably, the Muslim world also remains indifferent to the sufferings of their Muslim brethren.
In contrast, the circumspect assessment of the Eurasian collective as Johnny-come-lately to and differentially developed in their humanity as overall pitiably pejorative by Nilotic African civilization attributed a non-supremacist, environmental causality (Moore, 1986, 242) distally responsible.
However, pitiably some Irish tend to dismiss the "unseen benefits" (new kinds of medical therapy, for example) brought by immigrants (2005, 311).