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Synonyms for pithy

Synonyms for pithy

precisely meaningful and tersely cogent

Synonyms for pithy

concise and full of meaning


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This is one such success with a smooth pithy grapefruit central core, good acidity, impressive peach embellished viscosity and, best of all, a savoury, mineral background containing hints of hazelnut and tarragon.
Set during a sweltering summer of civil unrest in futuristic Los Angeles, Hotel Artemis dazzles with expertly choreographed fight sequences and pithy one-liners.
With her usual excellent pithy and brief annotations she gets to the heart of the books in a few brief sentences.
The uniquely pithy ditty turned out to be a duet originally performed by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty.
Pithy Canadian jokes aside, the Great White North has a fascinating Jewish history, full of ups, downs, and Seth Rogen.
SO SAD TODAY, by Melissa Broder (Scribe Publications, PS12.99, ebook PS6.71) began as a pithy, sardonic and hugely popular Twitter account run by American poet Melissa Broder.
As expected from an Austen adaptation, there's no end of pithy chatter about bachelors, breeding and inheritances, accompanied by Lady Susan's waspish one-liners.
Synopsis: In "Pocket Jung: Pithy Excerpts from the Work of C.
Summarize the key points, be pithy and then drop the mike and leave the stage.
From the pithy to the humorous to the profound, the film career of the man known as The Duke is full of life lessons for today.
What's more, the 1-MCP treatment resulted in significantly less superficial scald and pithy brown core.
Pithy peach and white blossoms lead to honeyed apple spritzed with lemon for a nice tart finish.
Austin, TX, July 21, 2013 --(PR.com)-- A new website, http://ShowMeGuides.com was launched today by Pithy Productions Inc., publisher of author Kerry Watson's popular ShowMeTM Guides series of user manuals for open source e-commerce (OSC) programs since 2003.
KEEP IT PITHY: USEFUL OBSERVATIONS IN A TOUGH WORLD is narrated by the author and Dan Woren and provides a powerful unabridged production gathering the best of O'Reilly's writings.