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terseness and economy in writing and speaking achieved by expressing a great deal in just a few words

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Hence the depressing pithiness of Houellebecq's apothegm: "To masturbate is to make love with someone you truly love" (292).
Do you think reform such as more versatility in curriculum will help bring about complex pithiness to the courses offered?
With its sharp, idiomatic and witty style, its pithiness of expression or euphemism, and curse words, this idiom that the courtesans of Mataji's times also used, was fit to prick the conscience of her men.
Tara stands for the four P's of Dornbracht: proportionality, precision, progressiveness and pithiness.
Enter Ellen Levy, whose dense but rewarding book is something like the bag of chips at the intellectual cocktail party: It avoids glamour for crisp pithiness and it fuels the gathering of luminaries it serves, even as it leaves one hungry for more.
What is immediately striking about this proposed amendment is its length; to say the least, it lacks the pithiness of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.
On the one hand, American English was celebrated for its constant dynamism, vernacular energy, pithiness and demotic ability to be nourished by polylingual wellsprings; yet on the other, it was praised for lacking regional or dialect variation, and for its fundamentally Anglo-Saxon nationalist coherence.
I told her that I was no expert on the matter, but that my colleague Tom Roberts had unparalleled expertise on the subject and was someone with a good turn of phrase and a capacity for pithiness.
Occasionally his dismissals of Bush era personalities are worth reading for their bitchy pithiness.
IN ASSERTING THAT "Americans are from Mars and from Europeans are from Venus," Robert Kagan combined pithiness with productive provocation.
The pithiness of the word hate makes it an ideal trigger for the Pavlovian conditioning that the left exerts though its media.
And, of necessity, such news as arrives during the day must be given with a pithiness that will please many tastes.
She concludes that "capitalism demonizes sexual aging" not only because of what she calls, with characteristic pithiness, "dumb sentimentality for youth" but also for commercial purposes.
The pithiness of his answer was the nearest you'll see to Di Matteo doing an Ian Holloway during a press conference.