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in a pithy sententious manner

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As a pal pithily puts it: "How do you orchestrate such cliffhangers in your life?" As delivery day draws closer, things get more fraught, with a scene-stealing Emma Thompson, playing Bridget's GP, remarking: "Bring along the father, if you can work out which one he is."
In their way, the wild soixantes-huitards of Charlie Hebdo were old-fashioned not only because their generation was passing but because they believed in Immanuel Kant's great slogan for the Enlightenment: "Have the courage to use your own understanding!"or more pithily translated, "Dare to know!" They were professional blasphemers.
This is not a guidebook that will tell one how to travel on a budget or where the best night life is; however, for those who want a guidebook that pithily explains a vast history in 300 pages while outlining the best historical sites to visit in support of this history, look no further.
Starring a typically hard-working Nicole Kidman as a short-term amnesiac unsure whether she's being played by her husband, her shrink or both, the film's contrived premise could be more pithily described as "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: 50 First Dates." With David Fincher's similarly targeted "Gone Girl" already siphoning buzz, this dopey diversion will need the novel's fans to turn out en masse to avoid being forgotten by morning.
There is a crusty old saying, albeit more pithily put, either do the business, or get off the pot.
The diplomatic dispute between China and Japan has worsened after Beijing pithily dismissed Tokyo's concerns about an (http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/465765/20130508/china-japan-okinawa-island.htm) article challenging its sovereignty over the island of Okinawa .
Comparing Clinton's good job creation record with Bush's comparatively rocky economic record, Obama explained pithily" "We know our ideas work, and we know their ideas don't work." ( ANI )
As my predecessor pithily put it: build peace and reduce poverty.
Jermolaewa captures each interviewee's particularities glancingly yet also atmospherically and pithily, as when a businesswoman who's immigrated to the US proudly displays her fashion collection (Lena B., 2011), or when a woman who stayed behind in Russia presents a tranquil-sounding summary of her anything-but-stable life (Anja M., 2011).
Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, sums this up more pithily than his title might suggest, "People irrationally overvalue benefits they currently possess relative to those they don't."
Instead of waxing eloquent through long chapters of unbroken text, he has divided the book into short, pithily written sections that offer interesting facts and surprising revelations.
Moving fluently from the lost world of ancient biblical texts to modern disasters the speaker presents her predilections however strange pithily (I like to walk in the presence of the dead.
As Chuck Peters, CEO of Gazette Communications, pithily sums up his experience: "I call it The Sewer!"
Private thoughts centred on the outcome of Doncaster's not exactly pithily named Call Betdirect Free On 0800 211 222 Handicap, due off 85 minutes before New Approach and company were to face the Epsom helter-skelter.
The emperor Claudius is pithily described as a 'portly, twitching, stammering, somewhat debauched intellectual', whilst others like the 'truly disgusting' Augustus are presented to us in new and interesting ways.