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Synonyms for pith

Synonyms for pith

soft spongelike central cylinder of the stems of most flowering plants

remove the pith from (a plant)

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For example, the relief of tensile stresses in the outer rings and compression near the pith when cutting a piece close to the pith can cause outward edge curving.
After the abovementioned parameters were determined, the effective degradability of DM, NDF, and ADF in whole plant, leaf blade, leaf sheath, stem rind, stem pith, stem node, ear husk, and tassel of corn stover were calculated using the equation described by 0rskov and McDonald (1979) as follows:
Finish: Short to medium in length with a note of blanched almond, cucumber skin and citrus pith.
1: Common microchip implantation techniques: (A) direct drilling of pith before grafting and positioning microchip within pith; (B) U-cut below graft union and positioning microchip within pith; (C) transversal drilling of trunk; (D) T-cut above graft union and positioning microchip under bark; and (E) direct drilling of pith after cane pruning and positioning chip within pith below a bud.
Stover's pith, the soft core that makes up more than half the weight of a Corn stalk, is the easiest for enzymes to digest.
In 1832, artist/ethnographer George Catlin described a straight Dakota stem made from a crooked length of ash, in which the cleared pith created a crooked airway.
They are found in small quantities in the juice but mainly in the inedible rind, husk and white pith, which are converted in the form of a pill or a drink.
The next step in the federalism analysis under the Constitution Act 1867 is classification of the law in its pith and substance to the most appropriate federal or provincial power.
The Woodhead Mountain Rescue Formation Stretcher Display Team have dubbed themselves the Pith Helmets.
SEE Mr Makin, one of the last of the true Liverpolitan gentlemen, is as much a tourist sight as the Liverpool Wheel, and here he is in all his glory in a picture entitled, a little mischievously, Out on the Pith.
LaMotta helped usher in a new era of adult frozen novelties in 1982 when he sent a fleet of pushcarts, handled by vendors wearing pith helmets and khakis, out into the streets of Manhattan, focusing on key locations in Midtown and Wall Street, to give away for free 25,000 samples of the exceptionally large (4.
In addition to flaws in stem form, pith discoloration and color change outside the pith reduce quality and value of logs irrespective of their end use.
It also contains little pith, according to supplier MMG Citrus.
Although they may deal with the same subjects as the more prestigious paintings on Chinese-manufactured paper or paper imported from Europe, pith as a material makes very different demands on the painter and a very different style evolved to deal with the medium.
A lot of directors think they should come to the set in jodhpurs and a pith helmet with a bullhorn and "play' the role of director, when they should just let the actors do what they're capable of doing.