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Synonyms for pith

Synonyms for pith

soft spongelike central cylinder of the stems of most flowering plants

remove the pith from (a plant)

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The results indicate that PCH baby-squares with variable pith presence and location on at least one of the end cross sections have similar basic density.
Prior to the separation of individual specimens, the age of each was determined by counting the number of growth rings from the pith. Because most specimens contained more than one ring, the average age was used in presentation and analysis.
Bolts from the trees were cut into 4 by 4's with centered pith. The green 4 by 4's were quartered, the pith turned inside out (ISO), and the four pieces glued back together.
All the discs (75 mm thick) were split along an east/west diameter (if possible) and the GAdisc measurements were recorded at distances from the pith of 1 cm, 3 cm, 5 cm, 7 cm and so on out-wards, along both radii, forming the chosen diameter.
Just as the spice islands of the Moluccas had an impact on history far beyond their size, Pointy Shoes and Pith Helmets should not only appeal to specialists of Ambonese or Indonesian history, but to all scholars fascinated with dress systems or sartorial hierarchies in colonial or multicultural contexts.
The mean value of BD in four of the five trees (except Tree 5) gradually increased from the pith to the bark (Fig.
Leaf blade, leaf sheath, stem rind, stem pith, stem node, ear husk, and tassel were manually striped from the whole corn stover.
"We've been throwing away the seeds, skin and the pith of pomegranates for thousands of years because they are inedible and we haven't had the science to enable us to release the benefits," the Daily Express quoted Dr Sergio Streitenberger, head of research at ProbelteBio which made the breakthrough, as saying.
In vitro cell wall degradation, organic matter digestibility (OMD) and metabolisable energy (ME) of sugarcane pith treated with steam and 18 g/kg acid was the highest and microbial biomass production (MB) was the lowest for all microbial groups.
In addition to flaws in stem form, pith discoloration and color change outside the pith reduce quality, hence the value of logs irrespective of their end use.
pressure-treated 4x4s contain the pith. Longer 4x4s are less likely to, and are therefore more decay resistant.
Although they may deal with the same subjects as the more prestigious paintings on Chinese-manufactured paper or paper imported from Europe, pith as a material makes very different demands on the painter and a very different style evolved to deal with the medium.
Using a sharp knife, cut the top and bottom off oranges, then pare away the skin and pith using firm downward strokes.
Grab your pith helmet to explore the sights, sounds, animals and cultures of a semi-tropical rainforest at Asheville's Family Health & Science Museum!