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I) Evaluation of Pitch values: Proposed framework is based on cochleagram morphing based pitch estimation and speech segregation algorithm produced pitch contour for target voiced source and associated binary mask.
The first syllable "CA' shows pitch going down whereas we find a far more diverse pitch contour for the second syllable "SETTE',which is also supported by the pitch values given in the table below.
Various approaches have been proposed for the minimization of octave errors: [14] eliminates one of the harmonics if its salience is less than 40 % of the most salient pitch contour if they differ by one octave, 20 % if they differ by two octaves, and so forth.
The spectrogram above shows that the pitch contour is absent for /k/ during the closure, but voicing starts as soon as the closure is released and the vocalic part begins.
This pitch contour indicates that the speaker regards the information thus marked as of questionable relevance or appropriateness.
Toward the end of Figures 1 and 2 the pitch contour is poor or incomplete.
Instead, we find that the pitch contour (intonation) in these languages signals a wide range of other functions.
Another study (Weltens & de Bot, 1984) with Dutch learners of English found that the duration of feedback delay, that is, the period of time between the speech signal and pitch contour display (40 ms.
The appendixes to chapters 2, 4 and 5 include examples with pitch contour representations, fundamental frequency graphs, and phonological descriptions, as required.
This finding suggests that the listeners were attending to prosodic information such as rhythmic pattern and pitch contour.
B]I, with this association strengthened by the repeated pitch contour <201>.
The pitch contour and the energy contour are, respectively, sequences of short-term pitch and energy values extracted on a frame basis.
But pitch contour turning point placement apparently plays a role in Q3 marking, albeit only in accented words.
By being attuned to the infant's state of arousal and attention and attentively listening to the infant's vocalisation the mother may respond sympathetically by imitating the pitch contour or repeating the vocalisation with variation, usually through exaggeration or by answering with a contrasting pitch contour.
The nonstandardized pitch contour associated with focus shows the existente of additional planning mechanisms that influence the phonological realization of stress.