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seal consisting of a split metal ring that seals the gap between a piston and the cylinder wall

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Bulk activation and surface layer activation methodologies were utilized to generate isotopes in the piston rings and liners respectively.
Critical values of cylinder liner distortions are established for analyzed piston rings using either of the bounds [9, 11, 26] in this paper.
Piston rings are metallic gaskets whose functions are to seal the combustion chamber against the crankcase, to transmit heat from the piston to the cylinder wall, and to regulate the amount of oil present on the cylinder sleeve, a function of the oil control ring in particular.
The thermal, mechanical and tribological demands on components around the combustion chamber, particularly piston rings, have increased," said Steffen Hoppe, director of technology, rings and liners.
While engine friction can be reduced through the use of thinner piston rings, a stronger ring material is necessary in order to maintain the proper bending strength"
28 February 2013 - US powertrain products and vehicle components supplier Federal-Mogul Corp (NASDAQ:FDML) will create a joint venture in China with a local partner to manufacture large bore piston rings, the company said today.
The US companya[euro](tm)s local partner would incorporate its Changsha Zhengsheng Piston Ring Ltd Corp into the venture and take a minority stake in it.
Precision Products, based in Chesterfield, manufactures and sells industrial applications as well as piston rings to the international marine engine industry.
MHI revealed its diesel-engine piston rings stock can withstand one-month of suspension at Riken or its subsidiary.
Riken's plant in Kashiwazaki, Niigata Prefecture, mainly makes piston rings used in engines and transmission seal rings.
Members of The Piston Rings youth motorcycle display team and Nuneaton Juggling Club gave a demonstration of their skills.
said Tuesday it will set up a company in Shanghai in November with a Chinese auto-parts investment firm to trade piston rings and other auto parts produced in China.
59-g/cc material is said to perform well in bearings, bushings, seal rings, wear pads, and piston rings.
Hard parts include brake parts, exhaust parts, ride control, steering and suspension parts, alternators, carburetors and related kits, fuel and water pumps, radiators, belts, hoses, transmission parts, clutch parts, joints, gaskets, pistons, pins and piston rings, valves and valve train components, anti-friction bearings, engine bearings and seals.
As a result, bearings, cylinder liners, piston rings, wrist pins and valve stems can become pitted by acid -- requiring early replacement.