pistol grip

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a handle (as of a gun or saw) shaped like the butt of a pistol

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Now having an A2-type pistol grip and YHM Phantom flash hider, the OA-93 pistol has returned to production.
Further up the stock is a contoured pistol grip and large trigger guard.
Fig 8 in the new version shows only the pistol grip.
Neither the pistol grip nor forward grip makes the firearm any more dangerous, Graves said, owner of the GPS Defense Sniper School -- the only privately owned sniper school with a GSA United States Government contract and certified Law Enforcement Training School.
The valve's pistol grip assembly has an electric trigger with a rugged trigger guard and foam grip for added operator comfort, according to the company.
The gels are dispensed through a pistol grip trigger sprayer that focuses a powerful burst of highly effective cleaning agents where it's needed.
As improvised explosive devices exploded on both sides of his vehicle, Peeples drove with one hand on the wheel and the other on the pistol grip of his M-16 firing at an enemy he couldn't see.
are bent into a simple L-shape that can be gently held in the hands in a pistol grip.
It prohibited the production (not existing ownership) of such weapons, including those that had more than one demonized feature such as a bayonet lug, pistol grip or flash suppressor.
The instruments feature a new pistol grip design, for easier handling and distance measurement.
The free, four-page bulletin also profiles StickScrew[R] tooling, including compatible robotics, pneumatic or electric-powered In-Line StickShooter tools, and Pistol Grip StickShooter drivers.
Its interchangeable handle can be configured as a pistol grip or normal end mount for easy application of the plug to the part.
A manual arbor press that provides better ergonomic movement and control of the final welded part, and a pistol grip to provide better handling of the hand-piece for certain applications, are available as optional accessories.
The stainless steel extinguisher, which looks like a gun and is fired using a pistol grip and trigger, is used by the Prison Service to counter jail riots.
A talented musician who once had his own band, the native Missourian was widely recognized as an engineering genius who held patents on a variety of archery innovations such as equal-length bow limbs, pistol grip bow handles, and bow stabilizers.