pisiform bone

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a small wrist bone that articulates only with the triquetral

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MRI not only shows the fracture line but also shows marrow edema within the pisiform bone indicating fracture (5,6).
For those anatomy junkies out there, I'm talking about the pisiform bone.
It then passed distally medial to the tendon of the humeral head, slightly proximal to the wrist; it was joined by the latter to form a common tendon, which ended by getting inserted to pisiform bone (Fig.
Although issuing a slightly more positive report yesterday morning than she had in the immediate aftermath of Saturday's run, Sams said: "He's really quite sore on his pisiform bone and, while I don't think the tendon has come away and taken a chip off, we'll have to get it x-rayed.
Our method of carpal tunnel injection is as follows: following appropriate preparation of skin, the pisiform bone is palpated.
The muscle may get inserted into the fascia of the fore arm, thenar fascia, hypothenar fascia, pisiform bone or scaphoid bone.