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Synonyms for pirouette

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(ballet) a rapid spin of the body (especially on the toes as in ballet)

do a pirouette, usually as part of a dance

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Obmerga said Ronel possessed an identification card as 'kabo' (bet collector's supervisor) issued by Pirouette.
The task involved learning a classical ballet movement, the pirouette en dehors (from fourth position).
She enjoyed a fine passage that day but she was not quite so fortunate at Lingfield at the end of October as Pirouette tried to come from in behind on the outside that day and the plan did not work out at all.
WAYNE SLEEP'S BIG BALLET (Channel 4, Thursday, 9pm) THE movie Billy Elliot may have taught us that you don't have to be posh (or a girl) to pirouette, but it seems there is still one very big barrier in the ballet world - and it involves weight.
On the other hand, an adagio en dedans pirouette in back attitude requires less intense spotting--you run the risk of distorting the line by leaving your head too long.
The Pirouette is made from 100% recycled material and is easy to assemble for your next party.
British-born dancer Joseph Caley lines up for a pirouette under the watchful gaze of a sound engineer at Birmingham's Hippodrome Theatre yesterday.
Rhoderick Armamento, Quezon police provincial director, said policemen from San Antonio town nabbed cashier Jayson Bryan Silva; table manager Hanzel Mercado Jusay; and sales clerks Jupiter Rajonjan Aringay, Zander Balite Guerrero, and Gino Rufino Bonado of Pirouette Gaming Corp.
Barre's products Pirouette, Pirouette Crunch and the soon-to-be released Black Swan--a dark chocolate and nut bar--are sold across the country in select dancewear stores and dance studios, as well as online.
Toiling through Sunday afternoon traffic, having to pirouette before a gantlet of cameras, opening envelopes with a high degree of paper cut probability, all now with tax ramifications
And at the end of play Kevin Pietersen pointed angrily towards Afridi and did his own pirouette to let him know the England dressing room was aware of his skullduggery.
I went up there and when I got to the top I did a little pirouette, a 360 degree spin, so that was fun.
Mapping of the Pacific floor has revealed that an Ohio-size patch of the ocean bottom is performing the geological equivalent of a pirouette.
Seized from the suspects were an undetermined amount of cash and betting paraphernalia that the suspects said they would submit to Pirouette Gaming Corp.