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a canoe made by hollowing out and shaping a large log

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Sa population ne cesse de panser ses blessures a la suite de la disparition de plusieurs centaines de ses hommes dans des naufrages de pirogues sur leur route en direction des Iles Canaries.
Appearing first at the top of the staircase that, like the gangway ladder alongside a ship, descends against the facade of the house toward the red earth of the garden, he paused for a moment on the portico, inhaling from this promontory the powerful odor of sheep and observing that the animals were more numerous today than yesterday, or perhaps wanting to contemplate anew the familiar panorama, the lagoon with its pirogues, the disorderly vegetation of the opposite shore, or even forcing the horizon further and bringing the gaze in line with the filao trees, the coconut palms, the brown algae of the coastline or even beyond, toward the memories of high sea and Southern hemisphere.
The Vezo people, muscular and athletic, are fishermen whose lives revolve around the sea: young boys learn to sail traditional pirogues (flat-bottomed boats with sails made from bedsheets or stitched-together rice sacks) by playing with toy replicas; and when they die, fishermen's bodies are wrapped in their fishing nets and sails.
Max Holmes and Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink spend a lot of time upriver--one day bundled in a parka on the icy banks of the Fraser River in Canada, another day paddling in small dugout canoes called pirogues through jungles along the steamy Congo River.
Les principaux jeux et concours qui se font au Cameroun, a savoir la course de pirogues, la lutte traditionnelle et le concours Miss Ngondo, n'ont pas eu lieu au Canada.
According to the Daagbo Hounon, a storm washed away the sand on the beach and revealed a "stump" that he identified as the remains of the tree to which the slavers used to tie their pirogues.
With Suriname only ten minutes away via motorized pirogues or canoes, it is common practice for pregnant Maroon women in Suriname to traverse the Maroni River just before giving birth.
Behind this symbolism can be seen an intention to replace the former Tannese social division of 'pirogues' (niko) by the introduction of a sole pirogue, the pirogue of Unity, supposed to refer back to the times of origin.
Ces lieux sont ravitailles par des pirogues le long des fleuves, rivieres et criques.
Traffickers regularly cram 200 or 300 people into pirogues often powered by ancient outboard motors and poor quality fuel.
Yet, in Louisiana, Heldner painted numerous bayou scenes with moss-draped cypress trees, fishermen's shanties, and pirogues tied along docks.
Returning to Morondava via the spectacular towering trees of the Avenue of the Baobabs, we ventured into nearby mangrove swamps in dugout boats called pirogues.
A portrait titled "Blue Bayou" features swirling dancers, pelicans and pirogues, cypress trees and an intricate collection of everything Cajun.