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small voraciously carnivorous freshwater fishes of South America that attack and destroy living animals

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It does help as it positions Pirana as an international agency with regional presence.
Shire says Pirana Mobile PRO is an effortlessly simple, yet powerful set of mobile applications for use on or off-line and cost reductions are instant with savings on travel, admin, printing and call charges.
The Pirana is a truly freaky mini-Jaws-looking lure with gaping mouth, teeth and gill slits where water and bubbles can exit.
The project, which is estimated to cost ` 255 crore, would entail four Sewage Treatment plants at Pirana, Shahibaug Dafnala, Shahpur and Dandi Bridge, which would release 180 mld treated water into the river.
Fue la pirana de los dragones: atacaban en grupo y podian hacer desaparecer a un mamifero grande en cuestion de segundos.
Reports said Togadia urged the people of Pirana village in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, to "join" Hinduism when he was addressing the three-day VHP conference held near the controversial Pirana dargah whose followers are called Satpanthis, and include Hindus and Muslims.
P of tephrostratigraphy related to the main explosive activity of the NRV; 2) different types of pyroclastic, density-current deposits; 3) typical horseshoe-shapedamphitheatresandtheirassociateddebrisavalanchedeposits formed during the Older Ruiz stages; and 4) lava domes and lava flows related to La Pirana stage.
PLAY it safe with this boy's Bluezoo two piece pirana sunsafe with hat, now priced from pounds 12.
Entre estos, estan la carne de llama y alpaca, la quinua, el chuno y la tunta (dos tipos distintos de patata deshidratada) de la zona andina; algunos peces del oriente, como la pirana, ademas de la carne de lagarto, los diminutos cangrejos de rio del sur dei pais y frutos amazonicos como la castana y el achachairu.
In disputes such ours with Slovenia over the Pirana Bay the countries are guided by the application of the international law and the UN Convention of the Right to Sea adopted in 1982 and the Republic of Macedonia is one of the countries having ratified this Convention.
CD #1 opens with the Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe mega-hit Pirana.
There will also be 12 bars, two of which-Mohito Bar and Pirana Bar-will be outdoors.
Sweden Kurstjaegerskolan Spiggen-II midget Combat Diver Unit submarine UK Special Boat Service Mk VIII Mod 1 SDV Select Latin American Special Forces Craft Country Service Craft Argentina Buzo Tacticos Chariot CE2F/K100T Combat Diver Unit SDV Bolivia Battalion de Marina Pirana Mk.
Cuando el hombre consume mucho de la naturaleza y no da nada a cambio, el brujo llama a la pirana gigante, Uwaaaji Nijyaa Wajya, para que su espiritu le devore el corazon.