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Synonyms for pique

Synonyms for pique

Synonyms for pique

tightly woven fabric with raised cords

a sudden outburst of anger

cause to feel resentment or indignation


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It is possible, when delighting in the ramrod verticality of pique turns performed by Margeaux Mundeyn (Yonny Manaure), the subtle shading of epaulement by Olga Supphozova (Robert Carter), or the perfectly arched foot of Ida Nevasayneva (Paul Ghiselin), to forget that the ballerinas of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo are men.
Les Piques is in some ways a contemporary diorama, whose hallucinatory story is populated by characters that combine a twisted childishness with an apprehension of violence.
More than 60 million people visit Pique Discovery Network sites per month to discover products and content from leading retail and media companies
Today, Aggregate Knowledge unveiled the Pique Discovery[TM] Network.
Web Search Features and Piques Users' Curiosity for
The campaign, created by advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy, extols the personalization and Web search features of the AltaVista MicroPortal and piques users' curiosity for savings -- roughly $240 per year -- with AltaVista's FreeAccees Internet service.
Shakira and her footballer boyfriend Gerard Pique have been very open about her pregnancy, sharing intimate photos of the pair together via social media, and even posting their baby's (http://www.