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Synonyms for piquancy

Synonyms for piquancy

a tart spicy quality

the quality of being agreeably stimulating or mentally exciting

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The memories are still sharp: the elegance of the decor, the sweet voice of the resident singer, the aesthetic presentation of the dishes, and the piquancy of the sauces.
Again, this was well received and the slight irony of the name added a piquancy.
But rice bowls are true to themselves, and with a nice runny egg and some piquancy in the form of pickles or heat in the form of sambal sauce, they're the one-dish meals you've been looking for, a kind of adult arroz a la cubana.
Doubles all round (well, apart from Everton)!" To add piquancy, the bosses of Everton, Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool are all under pressure.
There was great piquancy and clarity in the detailed conducting of Timothy Vernon, with the Quebec Symphony Orchestra in the pit.
Similarly, you don't have to be familiar with Cardiff to enjoy the story but if you are, it is bound to add piquancy, for this isn't the story of one Cardiff but two.
Charcoal hay dusted along the edges adds piquancy to the buttermilk filling.
By itself, this interplay could become the ossified maneuvers of an intelligent artist; however, Lasker's piquancy lies in his constant undermining of a unified logic of what constitutes "great" painting, a move that reverberates in our imperfect world.
“I think chocolate-lovers will enjoy the rich, non-gooey piquancy in these bon bons.”
It's curious how veteran filmmakers like the Taviani brothers could have taken "The Decameron," one of the greatest books about storytelling, and turned out a narrative as blandly conveyed as "Wondrous Boccaccio." The classic 14th-century compendium, so full of subversive humor and joyful licentiousness as its plague-escaping narrators entertain each other with bawdy tales, is robbed of its piquancy here.
An interesting discovery featured on the CD (and a good full stop to round it off) is an aria from the generally little-known opera Salome by Antoine Mariotte, dating from the time when Richard Strauss was creating his celebrated eponymous work, with its musical style revealing a penchant for Art Nouveau colours, decadent piquancy and refinement, as well as veristic poignancy.
You might as well take time by injection, removing the piquancy of fun, loyalty and intensity altogether.
I liked, too, the idea of sprinkling plump caper berries on the plate for they added a refreshing piquancy to cut through the richness.
Our stir-fried Sichuan Chili beans with bamboo shoots and nibbles of pork had the right amount of crunch and piquancy. Then there was the hand rolled 'belt' noodles, which were blissfully chewy and filling.
Frankly, you are left guessing and it is something which gives the evening its piquancy along with Shaw's ever present concerns with women's lib and social hypocrisy, formalised in the character of Alfred Doolittle, (another first class performance by Jamie Foreman) who slides easily into the middle classes with the help of a legacy of PS3,000 a year.