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fig tree of India noted for great size and longevity

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By way of compensation, it proposed that the so-called "northern" pipul tree be dedicated exclusively to Hindu worship, and that all fees and gifts from visitors to the shrine should continue to flow to the mahant.
Serial Number Local Name Utilize Part 1 Aam Bark 2 Jeera Seed cyminum) 3 Ol Tuber 4 Jarmany lota Top of young stem 5 Bohera Fruit 6 Horitoki Fruit 7 Telakochu Top of young stem 8 Korola Fruit 9 Amloki Fruit 10 Tetul Seed 11 Buj, Bouchi Leaf, fruit fol 12 Chirota Whole plant 13 Neem Bark 14 Guloncho Top portion of stem 15 Job dumur Fruit 16 Kola Cluster of flowers (locally known as mocha), inner portion of trunk (locally known as thore) 17 Peyara Bark 18 Jaam Bark, seed 19 Kabab chini Fruit 20 Pipul Fruit 21 Bel Fruit 22 Tit baegun Fruit 23 Thankuni Leaf 24 Elach Fruit Serial Number Ailment with formulations and dosages 1 Diabetes.
amp; Pipulti, Pipul Thomson morich 60 Ficus benghalensis Moraceae Bot gach L.