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aquatic perennial of North America and Ireland and Hebrides having translucent green leaves in a basal spiral and dense buttonlike racemes of minute white flowers

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A team of botanists discovered another new species of pipewort from this unique but highly threatened habitat, indicating the importance of such areas.
This seasonal vegetation is formed mainly by pipeworts and insectivorous plants, such as bladderworts or sundews.
Affinities with North American flora are seen in the presence of species such as blue-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium bermudiana), which, outside Ireland, has its closest geographical location in Newfoundland, or the pipewort (Erio-caulon aquaticum), an Eurocaulaciae very rare both in northern Scotland and North America, the other areas where it exists.
The site is home to the small-headed pipewort, a small plant that is a candidate for federal listing as endangered.