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Alistair MacDonald, then plumbing manager at Stirlingbased TRS Plumbing and Heating Services, said he carried out a visual inspection of the pipework before giving Mr and Mrs Cunningham a quote for replacing a faulty boiler at their home.
With the heating season just around the corner Pickering explains that new operators of steam systems may underestimate the care and time required for steam system start-ups following an extended period of shut down: "After a long, dormant period over the summer, both water hammer and thermal expansion pose a real threat to steam pipework when systems are fired back up again.
The maintenance project involved heavy duty pipework which is out of the remit for Ford's internal maintenance crew, so we were called in to do the maintenance 'O ring' resealing of the pipework to get rid of leaks.
The new UV treatment facility accommodates both the process units themselves and the pipework and services supplying them.
Amarinth designed an oversized mounting plate to enable the new pump to fit directly into the existing plant and also modified various fittings and fixings to suit the existing pipework.
2 If your central heating system hasn't been updated in years, replacing the radiators and pipework can be a good idea.
Martin Hitchin, chief executive of Rehau in UK, said: "The new pipework facility is excellent news for the Blaenau factory - it moves us into a new and booming market and it gives us a real advantage over other companies who all still import their pipe from overseas.
Cathelco seawater pipework anti-fouling equipment is designed to eliminate blockages in seawater pipework caused by the growth of barnacles and mussels.
was recommended by consultant Hoare Lea to provide a Caesar II Stress Analysis on the steam and chilled water pipework," explains Kettlewell.
ZENA SAYS: The problem with replacing an electric shower with a different brand is the new one may not fit the existing pipework, which can result in increased installation costs and unsightly holes and/or pipes in walls.
Fabricators using these stoppers quickly achieve pay back since they eliminate all costs of cleaning the pipes after fabrication where sand, or metal grinding dust has otherwise been allowed to get inside the pipe and will contaminate the end product that is intended to be processed through the newly fabricated pipework.
The region's 90-year-old cast-iron pipework is literally creaking under the strain of the severe cold snap with up to 100 incidents currently logged and waiting to be dealt with.
PPG chief engineer Richard Hill worked with Thorite's process and vacuum manager Clive Halliday to evaluate pump models most suitable for PPG's production processes - while also taking the opportunity to redesign pipework to offer improved efficiency.
UK-based Western Bioenergy Plant is generating electricity from wood waste uses advanced pipework solutions from Pipe Center, UK's leading supplier of tubes, valves, fittings and commercial heating products.
The company developed a freeze-seal isolation technique on the five-inch pipework, allowing the defect to be isolated and rectified without the need to repeat a significant venting routine for the reactor primary circuit.