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measuring instrument consisting of a graduated glass tube used to measure or transfer precise volumes of a liquid by drawing the liquid up into the tube

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By harnessing sound waves to move liquids and samples around, we could not only win the battle against pipet tips, but also manage to miniaturist" reactions, minimize cross-contamination, and reduce waste.
Care was taken to avoid possible BPA contamination from laboratory materials and equipment by using glass pipets and polypropylene containers, including water blanks for blood and urine collection and processing procedures, and providing special instructions to CRU staff.
The slides were prepared with a transfer pipet, cover slip, and were examined using low (x10) and high (x40) power microscope.
Always use a new pipet tip, keep tubes tightly capped while not in use, and wear clean gloves.
Eggs and sperm were loosened from the gonad by gentle pipetting with a glass Pasteur pipet.
3-star From IBIZA all-From River cities After Arles and Avignon; the twin cities of Tournon (topped by a castle) and Tain l'Hermitage (fringed by vineyards) are followed by Vienne, where it's best to take the tourist train for the views from steep Mont Pipet.
Dropper bottles with the glass pipet are also an efficient way to mix a carrier oil and essential oil.
After imaging analysis, we silver-stained the 2D-DIGE gels and used a pipet tip (Labcon) to excise the spots from the gels that had a noticeably different display before and after the TCC exercise program.
The can from which all of the samples of Sierra Mist Free were obtained was allowed to sit open for 1 hour to go flat because pipeting an accurate amount of sample was not possible when the drink was first open due to air bubbles created in the pipet from the carbonation.
Pipet tips (10), vacuum containers (10), plastic 15-mL tubes (10), syringes (10), glass slides (20), and tubes containing medium (10) were submitted for direct examination and culture for ameba to ensure that they were not contaminated.
We are thrilled to have been able to lease this site and in doing so, join forces with Emmes," said Jeff Innocenti of PiPet Fitness.
Procedure: Volume is assessed using a sterile 5-mL or 10-mL pipet and recorded to the nearest 0.
A plastic transfer pipet was used to take off the top 75% of the plasma without disturbing the platelet layer.
The jury also awarded $70,000 in royalty payments to Warren Gilson's son and the University of Wisconsin foundation that receives royalties from Gilson pipet sales.