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fig tree of India noted for great size and longevity

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Unpretentious altars, the remains of common faith -- formed through the accumulation of devotional objects such as garlands, ritual lamps, small idols of gods and goddesses and pictures of deities and saints -- can be seen at the foot of almost every pipal tree along Indian roads, whether in villages, towns or metropolises.
The Pipal 2041M is a fanless, cable-free embedded system providing efficient data capture and real-time communication for in-vehicle environments.
In order to provide shed for the travellers mostly a pair of banyan and pipal trees or some time even sami or other auspicious trees are planted at a cautari.
On March 11 he had left his niche among the roots of a pipal tree in the Bara province, about 100 miles south of the capital Kathmandu, and vanished.
Leaves of a Pipal Tree: Aesthetic Reflections on Some Hindu Myths and Symbols.
Ettema says he is indebted to local producer Alan Pipal, who alerts him to changing conditions.
Pipal Software Solutions leased 2,091 SF at 136 Central Ave.
At face value, TCC's accord with WorldCom represents a pleasant, cooperative agreement between a public community college and a global long-distance company," said Tom Pipal, WorldCom director of corporate training and workforce development.
Removal of the Maya Devi temple from under a Pipal tree was not part of the plan, but the temple has been removed along with the ancient tree.
The poemanjali was sparked off by Persaud's participation in a Caribbean conference in Miami in 1994: he was struck by the presence of pipal trees, which he expected to find only in India, and a passageway was opened through time and space.
Pipal had to either "bail out or practice stewardship of the community.
Gatherings in ancient times were conducted under a Pipal tree, and as five continents were participating in the summit I arranged five Pipal leaves in a circle, suggesting a uniformity of size, shape and placement.
A sapling of the same tree was planted by Kanishka in the Peshawar city, which existed till the time of Babar and one tree can still be seen at the Pipal Mandi, Peshawar.
And as I stretch my arms to welcome the beginning of a do- nothing vacation, it seems I've taken a giant leap back in time -- the spire of a stone church built by the British in 1858, by officers of the Bengal Infantry, that rises up the thick green canopy of mango, gulmohar and pipal trees, gives the sensation of having woken up 100 years ago.
The main function is organized at Bodha Gaya where Lord Budhha was gained enlightenment under a Pipal tree.