pious platitude

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insincere talk about religion or morals


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Scott, a Niagara Catholic High School graduate who received a bachelor's degree in sociology from SUNY Cortland in 2010, has peppered his campaign for City Council with a number of broad-brush statements which could be called pious platitudes such as, "I plan to bring a fresh voice to the city and to bring government to life" without explaining how he would do so.
Obama's staunchest critics view such statements as disingenuous, as pious platitudes designed to please a religious audience and deceive the public about his true beliefs.
Pious platitudes and judgements on morality based on often vacuous UK news reports are insufficient.
Yes, we can "move forward in reconciliation," but not a word beyond pious platitudes is uttered as to the direction.
Pious platitudes have been tossed at the ailing series for years, but Bernard Brogan is deadly serious about putting right an old wrong.
Inevitably, some will lapse into pious platitudes along the lines of "a boost for Catholics", "a fresh start", "a prayerful time", "a heartening coming together of the faithful in support of Benedict".
And shamefully, the two-faced, craven accomplices of the Arab world sit on the sidelines hoping that these human sacrifices will appease the real lords of the puppet states they rule.AaLike Pontius Pilate, they wash their hands of sixty years of associated guilt by reciting pious platitudes while concerned only with their own crumbling puny seats of power.
But again, yesterday, we heard those same pious platitudes, "They shall grow not old."
But we can safely ignore the pious platitudes of politicians clambering over each other for prime position on the puritanical bandwagon (pot/kettle, greenhouse/stones etc).
Most of Ficino's letters are stuffed with what strike us as pious platitudes. They are mostly in the celebratory mode characteristic of the early Renaissance and also of the first two or three quarters of the twentieth century, but unfashionable in our present skeptical age.
Despite all the handwringing and pious platitudes about good corporate governance, the boardroom gravy train, far from being shunted into a siding, is racing away and carrying a great amount of shareholders' money with it.
Equally laughable is football bosses mouthing pious platitudes about Rooney being given anger management training.
The Smoke Free Liverpool brigade is intent in foisting on Liverpudlians an image of a city based on their pious platitudes. Of course smoking should be restricted in certain areas.
And if he were alive today, he would boldly and proudly rebuke the loudmouths and peddlers of pious platitudes among the Religious Right.
A week later, in a letter to the paper, Hank Zyp of Edmonton fumed, "I read with absolute dismay the pious platitudes of the U.S.