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a spotted or calico horse or pony

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Diante desta problematica, o objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a influencia das condicoes microclimaticas do tempo de espera na sala de pintos do incubatorio sobre a qualidade final dos pintos de um dia, oriundos de matrizes de diferentes idades.
A sala de selecao, vacinacao e espera dos pintos possuia uma area total de 131 [m.
Foram selecionados e formados tres lotes de ovos oriundos de matrizes com diferentes idades, da linhagem Cobb 500, provenientes da mesma granja matrizeira, para avaliar a influencia existente entre a idade das matrizes na qualidade dos pintos de um dia.
Jim and Joy Pinto are Co-Hosts of Marriage & God's Plan * Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), At Home with Jim and Joy.
Caption: Joy and Jim Pinto (on the right), after a NRLC General Session with NRLC Executive Director David N.
Macklin remained on top in the third and then in the fourth moved up a gear as he worked over Pintos with a succession of hooks to body and head.
A further left hand to the ribs had Pintos covering up but to his credit he fought back and despite being under pressure made it to the end of the round.
Macklin's dominance continued in the sixth with Pintos offering very little offensively as the 27-year-old European champion worked well to the body and head with his crisp blows, though Pintos did manage to finally get through with a decent right hand.
Most of all, Die drei Pintos is a fascinating example of the fruitful interaction of two composers who never met each other.
From the standpoint of orchestration, Die drei Pintos would represent a special challenge.
It is in the D-major entr'acte following the first act of Die drei Pintos that Mahler's orchestral individuality is immediately apparent.
Huge financial institutions such as the Royal Bank of Scotland are already accessing the Pintos system for potential customers.
So it's no wonder that Martin Levermore of Pintos, a finalist for last year's innovation award, has nominated the company for this year's Evening Telegraph BT- sponsored Information and Communications Technology award.
Every year, the Pintos return to Mexico to visit family members.
And take it from the youngest Pintos - Maria is a real American baseball fan.