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Place 12 samples of rock into the pint-size zip bag.
Similar to Dean Foods' "Milk Chugs," Nestle's new milk chocolate is packaged in a 16-ounce plastic, resealable bottle and will eventually replace its pint-size milk carton.
In the summer of 1991, on the sidewalk of Astor Place in Manhattan (not far from where David Hammons similarly hawked his graduated snowballs back in 1983), LeDray set up a 24-by-10-foot display, workworkworkworkwork, consisting of dozens of handmade and pint-size "used" books, Woolworth classic paintings, clothing, bad African carving - anything one would expect to see sifted out of city trash and arranged for sale on the street.
From Apri through June, the state's peak season, 9.6 million pint-size baskets will be gathered daily by hand from 23,000 acres and rushed to market.
18, you can already bring home your own pint-size version of BB-8 thanks to connected toy company Sphero.
Pros like Barbara Reich of Resourceful Consultants say they're getting lots of request for the pint-size packing jobs.
It will create spectacular bedding displays as well as providing a pint-size focal point planted in single colours in containers.
This pint-size beauty marks the start of the gardening year, its white bell-shaped flowers emerging just when the rest of the garden looks bleak.
Your most reasonable and reliable pint-size acrylic paint from Utrecht's Studio Series now features an easier access wide mouth jar.
POP'S pint-size innovator has returned, with a single to slip admirably into his back catalogue of funk.
ChionodoxaThe name of these pretty pint-size bulbs means 'glory of the snow', and all originate from the Mediterranean region.
Loredana Mutalipassi, a pint-size pixie from Italy, says, "I think here you have everything--so many different styles, so much fun, and lots of energy.
Why we care: Openly gay theater director Daldry sets our toes to tapping as Billy, played winningly by an exuberant Jamie Bell, dances through the streets of Durham in northern England like a pint-size Gene Kelly.
Photo: Similar leaves and markings make Mexican fire plant look like a pint-size poinsettia